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Helmet Dilemma

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Master Shake, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, nothing particularly new here. Basically i've spent the last few weeks trawling through the forum archives trying to settle on a good helmet to buy. I've also been into a number of stores to experiment with sizes and fit but regrettably I don't feel as if i'm any closer to a decision :(

    Originally I had my heart set on a shoei but there seems to be a sentiment amongst a few that they're a decent helmet, but grossly overpriced. Considering I could get a TZR for $500 or a XR1000 (specific designs) from $600 at the helmet warehouse I'm still weighing up whether the $$$ is worth it for these models. I like the Arai Profile, but i'm not willing to spend $800 on a helmet (puts on flame proof suit).

    Similarly i've heard the Sharks are good quality, but i've tried a few on and the fit wasnt as good as the shoei. Finally i've looked at the nolan N-102 because I like the concept of a flip up helmet so I can wear it on hot days down to the beach (5 mins down the road).

    I know fit is most important, but realistically price and aesthetics play a significant role as well and if you want to shoot me down for admitting that, then so be it.

    Any anecdotes and experiences relating to these particular helmets would be great! Keeping in mind i've searched, and searched and I still havent got anything definitive. Cheers


  2. Whilst the "get what you pay for" still rings true to a certain degree, stuff on sale often brings the gap a bit closer.

    Have Nolan N102 - seems to be most noisy on my faired sports tourer, rather than my previous naked bikes :? IMHO, convenience factor outweighs this though.

    Heard good things about the Shoei, very comfortable, and if it was my money and full face was what I was after, then that'd be the choice :cool:
  3. Shark's nice! Though my RSX is rather noisy. (Always ride with earplugs anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter).

    What you'll find is that each brand makes their helmets to suit a particular shape of head - long and narrow, short and round, etc.

    It's really just a matter of finding the brands which fit your head properly, and looking through their ranges to find the price/design/features you like.
  4. Ive got a TZR-Ryu, and I know it was a cheap Shoei, but from what ive seen and used, its pretty good.

    Plus, i was a sucker for the paintjob.
  5. well thats it, i'd be lying if I said that the looks and aesthetics were inconsequential, ultimately I want something that looks good as well as offering adequate protection. I don't mind the sharks, but I prefer the shoeis; then again the sharks are considerably cheaper. i've been toying with the idea of a new helmet for almost 2 months now but I guess a few more days wont hurt.

    i havent had a bike for about 3 weeks but i'm getting it back imminently, hence the reason i've decided to up the ante. cheers for all the feedback thus far guys & gals
  6. But ultimately if it doesn't fit properly then it won't be offering adequate protection. :-k

    There's gotta be more than just Shark and Shoei (and Nolan) that you can try on. BMW, Arai, plus the less high-end brands...

    Not trying to shoot you down (aesthetics are important!), just reinforcing that it'd be best to find the brands which make helmets for your head shape, and then go from there. :)
  7. im happy with the shoei XR1000. it kept my head nice and cool on that stinker (35+) we had last saturday with the vents open.

    it has been good through winter as well, though fog was a slight issue when it was very cold or cold+wet. cracking it half a stop fixed the fog completly, though left my nose a bit chilled at times.
  8. Best buy for money is a KBC. About 95% of the ratings of a Shoei, with half the proce tag ($370).

    Be wary of what is termed the 'best', as many evaluations are based on different tests that look at specific damage types.

    All in all, you usually pay for name branding (eg. shoei, arai etc.) with marginal increases in these specific damage type protection.

    Just avoid those $60 helmets.
  9. i got a TZR. is comfortable and quiet enough etc. the only thing i would say is that it can fog a little easy. it was selected on fit alone.
  10. Dont worry about brand. Buy what fits best then worry about graphics and colours.
    I still prefer the double D fastners too.

    My current lid is a HJC CL-15
  11. +1 but I got an AGV GP PRO and fcuking love it. It fitted my football shaped head and the vents are great. I always wear earplugs or IPOD when riding so noise not such an issue. Double Ds are great, also good as fasteners.

    I must admit I was drawn to the pretty colours first though! :oops: :grin: :LOL:
  12. :rofl: You're a bad man :LOL:
  13. My work here is done, thank you. :wink:
  14. I've heard really good things about the OGK FF-5, worth a look if you can get your hands on one. I wasn't able to when I was helmet shopping.
    I ended up with a Shoei XR1000. Quality helmet, most importantly it fits well.
    Heres a link to a FF-5 review