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Helmet Crash testing results

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Takamii, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. What I like about this is that the tests are done in Australia and in a way to replicate Australian conditions and are helmets sold here

    remember that we have different weather to Europe for example and this does have an effect on the helmets performance ( ask any materials scientist )

    Read here

    (note - see that nasty spike above the helmet on the monitor - AS1698 tests for that type of penetration on the helmets as part of the standard )

    then have a look here at helmets tested and the results


    and see the credentials of the test lab here

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  2. can't read it.
    i have an allergic reaction to anything related to the TAC.
    and no-one who works there would know what a motorbike helmet was if you rammed one up their arse.
  3. anyone got a link to the actual results???
  4. its not TAC - its RTA Crash Lab
  5. really? so you run these tests at an elevated temperature on a helmet that has been exposed to prolonged UV radiation simulating the protection offered after two years' of riding in the Australian weather? or you just test at room temperature out of the box?
  6. .....................

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  7. Although somewhat interesting, I find it strange that they use a standard "model" for the test head. This impacts such factors as rotation off the helmet which is one of their scoring criteria.

    Ast time I checked, there were lots of different head shapes out there, and one of the primary (in my opinion) criteria for buying a helmet was fit on he individuals head shape.

    In my humble opinion, the locating of a helmet on a head (and the ability to maintain a correct location through being fitted correctly) would likely affect some of their other impact tests as well.

    It's difficult to compare apples with apples if you are an orange...
  8. wow!!!
    looks like i might hold onto my rxt atom for longer then i intended.....
    bought it as just a cheap first helmet to get the bike home, now i may as well keep it till i eventually buy an rhok.... rather then get another stepping stone, as the ones i were looking at $300-400ish dont seem to offer any better protection.

    surprised the top 3 dont use carbon shells.... especially the frp shell.
  9. wow, they have a sample batch of like 20 individual helmets. i wonder where they found them. compelling indeed.
  10. seriously, all i see is an attempt to justify the outrageous prices we pay for cheap shitty helmets here.
    still gets 1 star in their test, so it still meets AS standards.
    might not be able to sell them on other global markets, but they are still ok to use here. sure, whatever.
    clearly industry driven to protect the rort.
  11. A star system is also being considered for other riding gear. The helmet star rating is about what it says it's about.
  12. I think the changes to the AS standard are a piece of crap.

    Because of these changes, BMW decided that they were not going to bring their helmets to Australia any more. Apparently the number of helmets they sold on a yearly basis did not make the onerous destruction of the number of test helmets required financially viable.

    I would rather put my scone in a sportintegral helmet than a piece of Taiwanese crap that supposedly 'meets the standard'

  13. Let me ask you this

    how can a small time niche business like mine working out of my front room in my house afford to do it ( well only just but I am looking at long term sales etc to recoup my costs rather than just making a quick $$$ ) and BMW with all its huge corporate money can not ?
    I would be embarrassed if I was BMW that with all their resources they can not compete with me for example.

    There must be a different reason for it erhaps the cost of modifying their helmets to MEET the Aus Standard that is the real issue ?

    Oh and my helmets are produced in a factory in Taiwan BUT its a really really good one :)
  14. The top rated helmet got a couple of zeros:
    Helmet chin strap's strength 	0/5 		 
    Helmet's ability to minimise rebound 	0/5
    Anyone else think that a bit strange?


    The strength of the helmet's chin strap is also tested to ensure that the chin strap remains intact and does not stretch to a point where the helmet would come off during a crash. The chin strap is tested by dropping a 10kg weight from a height of 750mm, resulting in a force being applied directly to the strap. This test is derived from UN/ECE Regulation 22.
  15. I apologise - I certainly wasn't expecting that.
  16. not needed - just trying to help
  17. Gotta laugh at the article - especially:

    "More than 30 motorcycle helmets were belted, smashed and comfort-tested in the RTA's high-tech CrashLab in Western Sydney.

    All of the helmets already met the minimum safety standard, but the tests revealed some major design or safety flaws. (How the feck did they meet the standard then....no seriously I'm asking....?)

    In some cases the most affordable helmets were safer and more comfortable than the most expensive on the market, the RTA said."

    Ok ok ok haaaang on a minute....COMFORT TESTING are you for real? I think most riders (not some) will know what is comfy for me and my noggin won't be for Jim next door or Sally down the street.

    Oh sh1t nearly forgot...I love how they throw in a random statistic to apparently 'back up this story (and I use the term loosely)....
    "In NSW in 2010 there were 2481 motorcyclists injured and 61 were killed in road crashes. Across Australia, there were 224 motorcyclists killed in 2010."

    So out of all the deaths in NSW for 2010, how many of these were attributed to a failure of the helmet itself? No really, cause any of these riders/deaths/injuries could've had the best Oz standards approved helmet and that head on with a semi, or t-boned accident
    meant they had no chance no matter what the 'star' rating is...

    Seriously. *scratches head*