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Helmet Cover when leaving bike in carpark

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dags99, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I hope this does not sound like a dumb qn.

    I was hoping if anyone has any experience with leaving their bikes at carparks/train station when commuting to work and leaving their helmet attached to the bike.

    As a newbie I am slowly increasing my riding time and confidence. And at my local station I see a few bikes being parked there. One in particular puts his/her helmet on the ground with a chain lock through it attached to the bike.

    I see the reason for the security but not sure about leaving on the ground. Especially if it rains.

    Hence I started lookoing and found a product that can work for me. WHat do you all reckon?
    It's a pacsafe helmet cover that is weather proof.


    Any feedback is welcome.
  2. Coles and woolies give away fully waterproof helmet covers with every purchase.

    Yes, lock it to the bike.
  3. I've locked my helmet onto my bike when parked on a footpath in the city and I'm only going to be an hour or two.

    I wouldn't leave it in a train station carpark unless I could lock it into a topbox (I can't).
  4. I have a topbox on my bike which I lock my helmet in when I stop anywhere. I commute on my bike, so it's relatively large to fit my laptop bag and suit+shoes in, but smaller ones exist that would perfectly fit a helmet and are reasonably weatherproof.

    Is that an option for you?
  5. Thanks pugsly. Yes I have looked at this option.
    I have not made up my mind if I like the "courier" look.
    I do agree that it is more secure though.
  6. Hang the helmet from your bikes helmet lock (if it has one) in such a way that rain etc won't get into it, if you don't have a helmet lock on the bike just use a bicycle chain and hang the helmet off a foot peg with the chain going through the frame of the bike.
  7. When I was at uni I spent $2 for a locker, got changed at the station and left everything there till I got back. I stopped parking at the station after the second theft attempt.
  8. Don't leave your helmet on your bike. I have heard of too many have the straps cut and stolen.

    Sure, if you have a large enough solid, lockable top box, different story. If not, take your helmet with you.
  9. I'd never leave my helmet with the bike, if the helmet gets;
    A. Stolen
    B. Kicked or otherwise damaged
    C. Pissed in
    D. Other shitty things

    Not only have I lost a perfectly good helmet, but I can't ride home.
    I either carry it with me, or put it in my backpack (there are a few that are designed specifically to take helmets).
  10. Carry the helmet with you or buy a helmet bag that has a handle that you can carry around with. Leaving a helmet on your bike a few times at the station might be fine, but doing it weekly is just asking for it to be stolen. I wouldn't even leave my bike at the station.

    Is there a reason you can't just ride to the place you are going to?

  11. Hi PEEair. Yeah I am not confident enough to tackle the M2 all the way to north shore just yet. on't get me wrong. I'd love to commute.
    But I have had very little opportunity to be a regular rider. So for me it suits my purposes to gain confidence and then build on that.