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Helmet - Costume

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by KittPott, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hi, I've no idea if I am posting this in the right section. I am after a full face helmet that is only to be used for a costume. So I am trying to get my hands on a second hand or unwanted one, it doesn't have to be roadworthy or anything since it won't be used anywhere near roads. If anyone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated! Oh, I forgot it would need to be a size M or L. :3

  2. Where are you?
    Country city?

    If you go to a cash converters you can buy a cheap second hand helmet you can use as a costume.
  3. there's prob people on here with damaged helmets with almost unnoticeable damage on them that they'll give you for free.

    do NOT bother with cash converters, you can buy new ones cheaper than buying a second hand one from them!

    more info needed, as smee stated :)
  4. how old are you?
    what colour eyes?
    whats your bust size?
    whats your phone number?
  5. I am in South Australia, Adelaide! I've been looking on ebay, and there really aren't as many cheap helmets as I thought! :(
    Probably not the info they're after goz! Lol.
    If it helps here is a pic of the costumes helmet, I am moulding the ears, thats the easy part so just a rounded helmet, type thing? helmet.
  6. I have a shoei i stacked it in that you can have.
  7. That would be rad! Except I am in Adelaide. I wouldn't be able to get it from you. D:
  8. No shit! :D
  9. I posted earlier but it seems my post dissapeared or maybe I imagined it.. Either way.
    The helmet I am after just needs to be full faced, medium-large. Doesn't matter what colour or specific style as long as it has a visor and stuff, I need to paint it anyway.
    It can be damaged or dropped, as I said I am painting over it and also sculpting some different shapes onto the top. so I could easily cover scratches and dents.
    I am in Adelaide, so anyone around here would be lovely. :D
  10. It's a penis, isn't it?
  11. Hahah! No not at all! I think I'd look silly like that. D: