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helmet choice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by beans07, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have tried on many brands of helmets and found that of course the dear ones suit my head the best., namely the Shoei helmet

    I have only tried on the TZ-R helmet and found the small was the perfect most fit for my small pin head. If this helmet fits would the XR-1000 helmets fit? I am about 300km's from anywhere that has an xr-1000 in my size to try so I am hoping someone here could help me with the info.

    Also I have found quite a few Shoei range of helmets on special at good prices but most in the TZ-R range are red where my bike is Blue and so is my jacket. I have found a couple of XR-1000 blue ones at a good price around the $500 mark and that the way I would head if they would fit.

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. Not sure if the sizes across the different "models" are the same in the Shoei range, but could you get your local bike shop to get one in and try it on? If it fits, perfect. If not, ask that they get in the next size up or down.
  3. Great.

    I have a TZ-R and I'm rather sure I tried on the XR-1000 too. If my memory is correct both models in M fit me correctly.

    For the outlay of that sort of cash I'd think it might be worth while taking a drive to try on a XR1000 before you buy though.

    Where abouts in SW Vic are you?
  4. Hamilton in the South West Vic.

    I am heading down to Melbourne this week and am going to Ringwood as I believe there is a few bike shops there. Not terribly worried about the cost of the helmet as I have saved a quid so far on bike and other dear by my local bike shop so the little extra on the helmet is not a worry but it would be a shame i I couldn't snag one of the specials rather than paying near full price.
  5. The expo is on next weekend - I think you should be able to save $$ there.
  6. The XR1000 is the same helmet as the TZ-R, just with a few more features and nicer looking graphics.
  7. yep just as JP said!!

    i was getting a 1000 model shoei but in the end couldn't get my size... so i went with the TZR model.... they bothi fitted the same.. im just missing out on the rear vents at the back of the helmet.... hopefully wont make too much of a difference!!
  8. The TZR does me fine I must say. The vents (or lack thereof) aren't a real issue.
  9. I ended up settling on a XR1000 at a great price of $590.
  10. got a picture of it?
  11. Link changed, it is the blue/white one to match my Suzuki motorcycle.