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helmet choice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OOO, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. hey all, got a question.
    on the 13th of this month, i crashed my R1 practicing for a up comming stunt show, although i was only doing bout 30kms the bike fliped and landed on my head, smashing the front of the helmet breaking my jaw in 3 places, knoching out all my front teeth and the footpeg peicing my unerside of my chin into my mouth, let me say that it sux eating threw a straw since my jaw is now wired shut for the next 6 weeks. i was wearing a mx helmet, thats not the problem since no brand of helmet do strenth/crush tests on there chin peices on helmets accept aria, whitch brings me to my question.. im looking at the "ARIA tour X" helmet as ive been told there chin peices are braced, but dont want to pay for one andhave it shiped to australia from the states and find out its sh*t. can anyone help with my delemar??

  2. can't help with the helmet, but damn that shit must have HURT LIKE HELL, hope all goes well and ya recovery is a quik one

    Good Luk
  3. if you want a helmet that wont break no matter what you do, try a simpson, they are stronger than any road helmet you will ever buy (including the arai) and they are impact tested to 300MPH in all planes, if you ever watch a drag meet you will see that 90% of all car and bike riders wear them

    if you want one, you will prolly have to go to a speed shop to get one though as bike shops dont sell them as they aint got aus road approval, although i have never been bothered by the cops for wearing one.

    they aint cheap either $900 - $1000, but they will last longer in a crash than any helmet you will ever buy.

    check out the link below (and my avatar)