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Featured Helmet chin strap placement

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jozlyn, May 5, 2015.

  1. Helmet chin strap, over or under the neck sock? Or doesn't it make any difference? Now that it's getting a tad chillier, I'm finding that with my chin strap under my neck sock, I don't seem to be able to pull enough up to stuff the front to keep the arctic breezes out, because the chin strap's in the way. I'm hesitant to put my chin strap over it because I'm a smidge worried that it may mean my helmet may come off easier? Is this a valid concern? Or is there a better "stuff" method lol

    Also, I'm starting to fog up severely, both my eye glasses and visor interior. Is there a good product to use, that's readily available to help with that? Preferably something from the supermarket, I've already tried the Windex anti-fog stuff and it didn't work at all.

    Thanks :D
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  2. I wear a balaclava in the winter, strap over the top no issues.

    Rain-x has an anti-fog product as well which works well for my eyeglasses & sunnies. I've seen "cat crap" anti-fog sold in motorbike shops but I've never tried it myself
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  3. I was thinking balaclava but I doubt that I'd have space for it, my helmet is very tight. I have trouble just squishing the arms of my eyeglasses in there :)

    What is Rain-x, please?
  4. it's available in auto shops like autobarn - supercheap etc. I'm gonna try cat crap as I find I have to re-apply the rain X every couple of days

    Thin one-piece balaclava with neck sock would be ok, not too thick. It's mainly to cover the skin against wind so it doesn't have to be "wooly jumper" thick :)
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  5. I put my neck warmer so it sits on my chin, put my helmet on, tuck the warmer in to the bottom of the helmet and then do the neck strap up. As long as your neck strap is just as tight as if you didn't have the warmer on, don't worry.

    I've been using Scott Anti Fog Spray (can get from P.S and some other online retailers. I've got the .5 oz bottle) and have been re-applying on the inside of the visor every week. Haven't seen one bit of foggy lens in a while now.
    Outside I just use a spray on wax to keep the water beading.
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  6. I concur with the strap over the neck sock. I pull the sock up over my nose and tuck the loose bits into the side of the front of the helmet (I have a Shark Evoline that opens like a full face) This keeps it tight enough to stay put on my ride. With my neck sock like that I don't get much fogging except when I'm stationary.
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  7. I wear the neck warmer / face shield over the strap, but do get a little fogging in my glasses.
    When I wear a balaclava then I do the strap up over it.
    If your helmet is done up properly then a little movement under your chin shouldn't be a problem.
    It's really just personal choice. Do you sleep with you chin over or under the doors ? Above or below ?
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  8. Pull the sock thing up just over your nose and hold it in place as you pull your helmet down. That helps with fogging too.
    If the sock trick doesn't work for the fogging, either get a breath guard thing (if your helmet is compatible) or put in a pinlock (again, if your helmet visor is compatible). They're great.
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  9. I wear a Halvarssons neck tube and fasten the helmet strap over the top of it after pulling it up over my chin/mouth. I'd second the recommendation to get a pin-lock visor if your helmet is compatible - my current helmet isn't.

    I use CatCrap at the moment and it works so-so - a definite improvement but fog still forms to a certain extent. I am waiting on an order of an alternative product to Rain-X specifically designed for helmet visors called Raincoat - I'll see how it goes.
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  10. What is a pinlock?
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  11. Is it fogging while you are riding, of only when you stop ?
  12. I also pull up the neck warmer to my mouth, clinch it with my teeth and put on the helmet, with the clasp over the top. Stops the cold morning air coming in, so all good.
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  13. Foggs badly when I first take off, so I leave the mouth vent thingy open and crack the visor which helps while I'm going slow and then usually starts happening again after stopping at lights and things. Sometimes while I'm riding, like on Sunday night, once the sun went down, I fogged up badly for ages then, was a bit scarey actually.
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  14. Don't be. If your strap is tight enough then it's not going to slip over your chin.

    Yeah it happens, especially the visor. Glasses not so much, I think they stay warm enough from my face that they won't fog up unless I literally ride through fog with my visor up. I've sometimes just had to pull over and clean all my clear stuff before proceeding.

    Other than that, I usually just put the visor all the way up at lights. Keep us posted re what luck you have with the various products.
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  15. Will do :D
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  16. #17 Petesul, May 5, 2015
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    Toughen up! :) .....................................................

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  17. Do you have rear vents in your helmet that you can open ?
    Sometimes just cracking them open a little will provide enough ventilation to keep the fog out.
    My HJC used to fog up when I tried using the chin guard. It did almost the exact opposite of what I expected when I fit it. It made fogging much worse as it seemed to deflect all of my breath back into the helmet.
    Do you have one fitted ?

    The best solution I found was a universal pin lock style insert. It just sticks to the inside of the visor to insulate it.
    Works really well and only cost around $40
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  18. Rain-X is not to be used on plastic, isn't it?

    Just get a this balaclava from an adventure store. They are thin Merino/synthetic that ore certainly better than nothing. Don't try the regular 'bank robber' woolen ones coz that IS too thick.
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  19. For cheap anti fog you could try baby shampoo, disclamer: I've never tried it on a visor but works a treat on my scuba mask. Most helmets have an 'anti-fog' setting which locks the visor open which works well even when stopped in heavy rain (will let cold air in)
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