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Helmet cheek pad cleaning proc.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Hello, anyone know how to clean helmet's cheek pad?

  2. You can get an aerosol cleaner from the bike shop or just try the supermarket ones...It's a powder and absorbs odours, .except I can't think of the name at the moment :oops:
  3. i'm thinking of cleaning it rather than just removing the odour, will detergent + water damage it?
  4. I put my whole liner, cheek pads and all through the washing machine, then air dried and re-assembled. Has not effected it at all. (mine is KBC VR1). I worried about it a bit, but I am brave.
  5. if its removable then just wash with normal washing powder but if its not removal make a powder with warm water mix in a small bucket and just get a cotton rag and just wipe the inside clean then have a larger dry rag to help dry it.

    leaves it smelling sweet and clean.
  6. cool. will try this weekend
  7. can it be removed does it need to be glued again
  8. most removalbe ones attach by velcroe or studs..... simple to reattach theat way. if you need to glue it back in....it wasn't meant to be removed to start with
  9. my 4yo nephew is good at washing helmets.. he gets in the bath with it GRRRR
    never turn your back on a 4 yo
  10. lol. what a pro :grin:

    just cleaned it yesterday, and it's cleaner than new :grin: too bad the upper lining can't be detached
  11. I use shampoo, then conditioner to make it silky smoothe... Then hang it on the line after a good rinse. Oviously dont use too hot water, as may melt any glue's.
  12. LoL shoo prettii xDDD *RanDoM*!!!! xDDD
  13. *nodd and smile*