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Helmet Cams...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. After purchasing a Tachyon XC and it turning out to be DOA, unfortunately it's not worth air freighting the Tachyon back and forth to the USA to be fixed so here I am looking to get another helmet cam.

    After doing some research I have looked at a few of them, namely the go pro HD, Vholder Contour HD and also the VIO POV 1.5. At the moment I am really leaning towards the VIO purely from the ease of use aspect, the built in screen and small camera are major pluses.

    I'm just looking to see if anybody else has any experience with the VIO POV 1.5 and what their thoughts are on the unit, I have seen reviews of the unit on the net but they are often written by the retailer selling them, if anybody has a independant review they would like to share I would appreciate it.
  2. the vio is quite expensive but ive heard nothing but good things about them, people say, if u have the money, spend it on the vio
  3. i think this was what lozzo was running (reviewing) on the jindy trip, still haven't seen any of the footage though

  4. its a common thing for people with cams, they record the rides but never release the footage, ive been on heaps of rides where more than 1 person has a cam, never seen the footage, fux me why lol
  5. oh i know why that footage hasn't been posted :woot: ;)
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    true that ..ya have to be careful with the law..they dont like it when you use music without permission,let alone cover twenty kilometers in ten minutes...or less :)
    I know ya said helmet cam..but does it have to be so expensive?
    This was taken with my sons 150 buck point and shoot digital camera,how ya mount it depends on your bike..this was clamped onto the bars.
    Hosting sites like image compression..what I burnt to DVD is crystal clear, the vision posted in cyberspace is good enough to share though.


    Or you could buy 2 or 3 of them lil MD80 type cams and catch multiple angles from the same ride...hmmm..
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    i've only got the standard definition go pro and its ok, but there are better cams out there. the picture (obviously) and the sound is heaps better with the hd version, and having the wide angle is pretty rad.

    from what i have seen the VholdR is pretty good, haven't had much to do with the VIO though.

    this is about as good as the footage quality gets on youtube for the goproHD.

  8. Hey Rabbito thanks for the suggestions, I've tried the Digicam thing but wasn't that impressed with it to be honest, also the mounting choices are pretty limited. At least the VIO is pretty easy to mount in various places, helmet, front forks, swingarm etc... thats what attracted me to it initially

    The internet camera footage is pretty bloody terrible I reckon, but what would you expect for maybe $30 or so, looks like I'll have to put up some $$$ to get what I want.
  9. did u end up getting the KODAK Zi8?
  10. I seriously looked at it but again, the mounting issues and apparent rolling shutter issues put me off. The problem I think with cameras like the go pro, tachyon and others is they are more difficult to mount, its basically a handlebar bar mount or fab up your own shit and hope it works. The advantage of the bullet style cams is a the smaller size and the fact you can rotate them inside the mount so you are alwayts shooting straight and right side up, I think this is a huge benefit if you want to try various mounting options.
  11. OK, I've made a decision and have lashed out on the VIO POV1.5 and a few accessories, should have it in a couple of days...If anybody is interested and more to the point if I can get a decent day when it doesn't ****ing rain I'll try and get some footage and do a decent review.
  12. i'm sure you will be happy with it
  13. i'm also hearing very good things about this cam, this might be my new cam


    built in screen, wireless remote, 3 hour battery life plus talks of a new long life battery, external mic input and heaps of mounts


    Resolution 1080p, 720p and WVGA (480p) video and 5MP still photos
    Frame Rate 30fps
    Storage SD Card, Max size 32GB
    Power Rechargeable Li-Ion 1100mAh battery
    Format .MOV (H.264 compression)
    Lens Angle 170 degree super wide angle, CMOS sensor
    Microphone Omni Directional, Variable Sensitivity. Mic-Input option
    Connections USB 2.0, HDMI TV/Audio Out, Mic In
    Waterproof 0.5 meter
  14. Goz the following things I would look at before deciding on a camera.

    1) How does it mount (and where can it mount)
    2) What is the max capacity card it can use? Try and stay away from internal memory cameras without expansion slots
    3) What batteries does it use? Most companies over estimate the life of the batteries by 1 hour as they are quoting on standby time.

    As an example, that AEE MD91 I showed you was great for my use as I could stick it into the inside of my helmet. It is only a 640x480 camera using a 8GB card. To give you an idea the camera runs for around 3 hours, and generates about 6GB worth of data.
    Using the camera your looking at as the next example, it has a screen which hopefully you can turn off to conserve battery.
    The other thing by the look of the camera it cant be mounted on a tripod (screw) connection so you will have to use the mounts they provide and become creative with the rest.
    Also the resolution it records at means more power consumption and much bigger files.
    Anyway it actually looks like an awesome camera, and the remote would almost seal the deal for me if I was looking at getting one.

    Definatly looking at the VIO as the next purchase, bring on the tax return!

  15. has it all champ

    card = 32gb

    battery = 4 hours on full charge (6 hour battery getting developed for it)

    screen auto turns off after a few minutes if no buttons are pressed

    rotation lense

    list goes on, cant go wrong with this 1 me thinks

    Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p High Definition
    SD Memory Capacity: up to 32GB
    Still Photo: 5 megapixel with Photoburst Mode
    Digital Zoom Support: Yes (in 720p and WVGA mode)
    Lens Angle: 170° Fully Rotatable Wide Angle Lens
    LCD Screen: 1.5" Colour TFT

    Waterproof: Up to 0.5 m.
    Remote Control: Wireless RF (5m range) Hands Free Video and Photo
    Mounts: Multiple Mounting Design
    Audio: Built-in Microphone & Speaker
    Menus: User Friendly Control Panel in 7 Languages

  16. we have winnah!!