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Helmet Cams at Aldi next week (Bicycle)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MV, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. For dog's sake people, when you buy one of these and upload the video of you doing 150km/hr up your driveway, do it from an internet cafe with a new web-based e-mail, and new YouTube account that can in no way be traced back to you.
  2. I think if you do it in your driveway it's ok because it's private property ......
    :] But good point
    And a "larger" point - consider how your vid might be viewed/used i.e. ACA/govt as justification for "crackdowns" etc
    (the really cool ones please make private and PM to me)
  3. ...exterminate!!!! :D

    (sorry!!.. but they do look a bit dopey!!)
  4. Also - having recently done a bit of research on these
    42 deg. field of view is generally thought "too narrow"; apparently optimal is 90 deg.
    (see vholdr, new tachyon xc 2010)
    (the gopro wide @ 170 deg. is often said to be TOO wide)

    I picked up an older (not HD) vholdr for about $150 on ebay

    But if I didn't get that, would go the Tachyon XC 2010, it looks pretty sweet - robust, waterproof, 90 deg. FOV, can use big SD cards, uses AA tho ..... about AUD $200 I think .... http://www.tachyoninc.com/XC2010.html
  5. Ugly, ugly, ugly
  6. I got one of the ContourHD's by vhold the other day and it seems to do a reasonable job. With the Aussie dollar, got it for about $340 from the states. 135 deg. in HD, 90 deg. in SD, and 60fps in SD for the high speed stuff.


    This is one of my first goes of it trying out various lighting
  7. The peanut in the picture has it backwards too I think.
  8. Crap camera if there's vibration and absolutely woeful sound. They're a waste of money.
  9. No he has it right, it's just a wierd looking camera
  10. +1 . robsalvv
    ..questionable ( read crap ) quality, poor sound, useless if there's any vibration.

    Had one a couple of years ago used it on our 125gp bike, so the summary above is from experience.

    These have been peddled on ebay under various brands for a couple of years at much the same price as aldi offers, so they're not even cheap.

    ( i was always of the assumption that aldi was supposed to be quality at a cheap price. )
  11. Ooh, contourHD = very nice
  12. Lololol :rofl:
  13. G'day everyone,....

    Thats my line!.......

    Dr Who?
  14. Oregon scientific ATC2/3k camera.

    Quality is pretty crap. By taking off the waterproof mic cover the sound isn't quite as bad, and the video can be ok for reference purposes but only in perfect conditions.

    I got mine from OS last year, cheaper than what they're asking for it now.
  15. Heck, they dont even say how long the battery is supposed to last. What good is a 2GB SD card if the battery runs out after 200Megs ?

    Though its also "Waterproof up to 3m", just in case you want to ride (a little) underwater! Shouldnt it be "Waterproof down to 3m" ? :)
  16. what does "Waterproof up to 3m " mean?

    can you can ride your push/motor bike under 3 metres ( 9 feet ) of water? i think my carby's might have been flooded at that point and i wouldn't be going too far.

    great if there's another tsunami though....
  17. 640*480 @ 30fps?

    At any speeds worth recording the footage will turn into a mishmash of pixels and blur.
  18. It doesn't.
  19. How does the older Vholdr compare to the ContourHD? Any before/after videos?