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Helmet Cam

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iamstevesname, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. This has properly been posted about already but when I search Helmet Camera, it doesn't bring up what I want.

    Just wondering if anyone know where I can get a cheap helmet cameras or hire them? or maybe a cheap alternative. around Melbourne.

    Checked at ebay I found this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Tony-Hawk-He...oryZ3315QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    looks ok.
  2. ooooo that was quick... thanks dude, checking it out now.
  3. Hi there iam etc, that one on ebay is for your pc.

    I have just purchased a camera tank mount from ebay and you put your own camera on it. Got it to use on both the road and dirt bikes. It is a lot cheaper than the helmet cam, but it depends if that is what you want or not.
  4. depends what you call cheap?

    Also, do you want a stand alone unit or a camera which plugs into the AV points on an existing video cam?
  5. It's only a lot cheaper if you already have a video camera. The real big cost in getting a set up is getting a good recorder.

    Bullet cameras can be had for not too much money, I think you can get 1/4" CCD ones for about $80 landed from ebay now. I've been thinking of getting one for myself (maybe a group buy? heh). 1/3" CCD ones are better, 480 or 520 line resolution etc, but they start getting a bit more expensive. Alternatively if you really wanted to go cheap you could go with a CMOS camera for about $20 or $30, just look for mini security cameras etc on ebay. I've got one on the front of my rally car, it works, picture quality isn't great, but it's got picture, and it's cheap if I smash it.

    Recorders you can either go a "real" video camera, if you do don't go for a HDD one, they don't handle vibration well. Or, you can go for a solid state camera, which I personally prefer because there are no moving parts and therefore nothing to knock out of alignment or anything like that. I know that in rally cars tape and dvd video cameras tend to die prematurely because of this reason.

    With solid state ones, on a budget you can get a simple 320x240 recorder like one I have (can be had for about $100ish on ebay), it takes SD cards etc, 1GB will generally get you about 1 hour depending on quality and what sort of camera you're using and what you are recording. Or, you can splurge a bit more and get a better 640x480 camera (recommended). These will set you back about $300ish I think. One good thing is that these are also video cameras so you can use them without the bullet cam, where's with the simple 320x240 recorders all they do is record and play.

    And then you need to make up the cables and microphone and battery packs etc to put it all together.

    Twitchy's kits are basically what I've highlighted. His simple current kits are 1/3" 480 line cameras, with 320x240 recorders, and all the bits to make them work together. And then you can upgrade it to a 520 line camera. The kit I have in the rally car is identical, except with a crappy CMOS camera.

    Twitchy's just gotten his hands on some 640x480 cameras, so I'd imagine he'll put a kit out with that soon.

    Actually, if you want you can look at something I put together:

    The footage from the front of the car is from my crappy CMOS camera, the footage from the dashboard are using Twitchy's 480 line camera, both recording to 320x240 recorders.
  6. haha ok.. good thing I asked everyone here first! what did you search on ebay for a tank camera? and how much was it?
  7. sorry... cheap would be under 100 bucks! but doesn't look like that will happen.

  8. Dude that video is good. I would be happy just to own one of those... CMOS camera, what type of recorder did you use for your rally car?
  9. tank mount is just something that bolts to your tank (where the fuel cap is), and then you mount your camera to that, same way you'd mount it to a tripod.

    CMOS camera in the rally car is one of these, I think. Looks the same anyway:


    Recorder in the rally car is similar to what Twitchy sells, the 320x240 one. I'm currently looking at buying a 640x480 recorder to use my new bullet cam with :) But yeah, money = ??
  10. What brand is your? Can I just go to like a computer store and purchase one of this recorders?
  11. Have never seen it for sale in any retail shop here in Australia. Actually, Aldi had a similar one ages ago, but I think it recorded to HDD (not solid state). Haven't seen it anywhere else.

    I got mine from eBay, 2nd hand for $100, I think. Digiboy brand. Since then I've seen similar from about $80 on eBay, but quality unknown. I was importing some JXD ones for a little while before, but discovered some quality issues with the recording (MP4 is a lossy format, so some recorders might record better than others, even at the same resolution). Quality of the actual unit itself was great though. I would assume that the ones that Twitchy uses have been tested for quality and deemed fine. I don't know what brand they are though, he imports them himself I think.
  12. I have a 20-20 camera. It looks like it might be quite good but I haven't got a digi video to record on yet and the only compatible ones I've seen on fleabay cost an arm and a leg.
  13. I bought a compatiboe sony tvr pc9e dvcam from ebay second hand for $160 you only need to chase the auctions.

    The auction I won closed on a sunday morning so nobody was going to bother to get up early and bid on it.

  14. Yeah, I need something like that. Not too expensive in case it gets smashed to bits.