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NSW Helmet cam fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wby 1, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. This might be old news or already posted in another thread so delete or flame as required :)

    I was parking my bike in the CBD today and a motorcycle cop who had a Drift action cam stuck onto his helmet pulled up next to me. So i asked if action cams on helmets were now legal and he said it was now ok to mount them on your helmet. He said the NSW Police Commissioner had issued a directive to all police about 6 months ago not to fine motorcycle riders who had helmet cams stuck onto their helmets with a stick on adhesive. The cams couldnt be screwed into the helmet or clipped on to the bottom edge or glued.

    The cop didn't say they were now "legal" specifically (whether he meant to or not, I don't know), he just said police were directed not to issue fines.

    So while this info isn't written in stone and couldn't be used in court, i thought hearing about the directive from the Commissioner was interesting to know.
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  2. I find this comment interesting only because I use a G9 headset that clamps to the bottom of my helmet.
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  3. Q. Whats the difference between gluing the bracket to the helmet and using one of the super heavy duty double sided tape products ???
    some of the DS products stick like shit to a blanket, so 'mechanically' there would be SFA difference.
  4. Its probably more aimed at super strong glues, 5 min epoxy for example.
    If you glue your cam on with that your neck will snap off before the camera does!

    Also on 2nd thought maybe some glues damage the integrity of your external helmet shell??
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  5. Funnily enough the officer pointed to the microphone his own helmet when describing the clip style that isn't allowed. So I can only imagine he meant action cams only aren't allowed to be clipped on. No idea why the difference to his microphone though....