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Helmet Cam Crashes x 2.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rohizle, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Going too fast, lock up.

    Going too fast, target fixation.

  2. hooley dooley! Lucky the median strip was there on the 2nd vid as there was an oncoming car heading straight towards the rider... 2 basic rider errors causing accidents really..
  3. Two good vids on what not to do! Ever.
  4. I can not work out what went wrong in the first one - just pure panic ?
  5. Looks like he just mashed the front, leading to lock up --> down straight away.
  6. Yep, he had heaps of room to stop, panic lock-up.

    He looks away, looks back, everything's changed & panics.
  7. Big Bail fail. Ha ha.
    Well at least he head checked before changing lanes lol. Never even looked to see if he could have gone inside and around behind. God he must have mashed that front brake hard. It goes strait out from under him, or he just bails. 1m or .25 of a second between a funny vid and him losing his legs under that truck wheel
  8. 2nd one is obvious: Trying to outride a blackbird [-(
  9. There's a good chance that ABS would have saved him (1st vid) I reckon.
  10. 2nd one it's the third expansion joint he crosses in the road that brings him down. The front just washes strait out on him.
  11. Pretty much certainly. But good braking technique would have as well.
  12. Or even some mediocre braking technique!
  13. Or not braking at all and trying to ride around it
  14. I would have jumped over the tanker Evel Knievel style
  15. yes that too...:) Some riders need extra help. ;)
  16. I'm picturing a movie where a stunt rider deliberately low sides his MC to slide under a semi trailer...fark what movie is that??
  17. Terminator ???
  18. Meh I have ABS on my bike and I certainly don't mind it there! Works extremely well.
  19. I'm all for ABS adprom, I was hinting that the rider in the vid may have needed the assistance of ABS.. What bike do you ride?
  20. 2011 CB400 - red, black and white. I love it. I've tested the ABS on it and am quite impressed actually. Friction braking still works perfectly fine and if you lock up completely the ABS kicks in and is nowhere as traumatic as I expected.

    I was agreeing with you 99CIBBER ;)