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Helmet by post -- think twice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Yarique, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Perhaps I'm just going to publicly admit that I'm an idiot, but I hope somebody can learn from my mistake at least.

    Here's how my story goes. The other day a reasonable guy from a reasonable bike gear shop offered to post my new helmet to me by a reliable courier service they'd been using because the colour I liked would be available only a few days later. I raised my concerns but he reassured me all was going to be fine. Of course, when the delivery came in, I was too excited about my new lid to notice that the parcel, albeit labelled FRAGILE, had been hit damned hard with an angled or pointed something piercing 2 layers of cardboard through and leaving a hole in the cloth bag and a dint in the helmet's back edge (it's a Shoei XR-1100, which has got an edge on the back for better airflow or something.) I did inspect the helmet upon delivery though, but due to point damage I noticed it only a few days later when it was too late to do anything about it.

    I'll draw no conclusions from my story. Everyone can decide for themselves.

  2. Lesson learnt I guess.
    But I wouldnt trust a courier/post to handle something like that which is meant to protect my head. To each their own.

    See if you can contact the store and work something out?
  3. A few days isn't too late. I hope the bike shop insured the helmet with the courier.
  4. Talk to bike store and let them know. They'll help out.
  5. Yeah, I'd be contacting the store. You're not an idiot, you seem to have done all the right things. I've had new helmets sent by mail and never had a problem yet.
  6. Why not? How do you think they get to the shop in the first place?
  7. ^^^^^ wot 'e said.
  8. Did you sign for the parcel as damaged though, if not, you nor the bike shop will have much come back against the courier service....
  9. The magic, cotton wool-teleporter of course. Everyone knows that :grin:.

    Seriously though, I've bought lids mail order and they've arrived safe and sound. Sounds like you were unlucky. Like everyone says, contact the seller and see what can be done.
  10. Fall off your bike. Claim it on your insurance. Simple.
  11. Thanks for raising this subject

    As my helmets are nearing full certification I have been putting in place a distribution system where I am taking the "helmets" to the consumer via a representative at race meets and track days.

    I am doing it this way so that this will enable cutting out the middle man in the stores and their profits and this way keeping prices lower for the consumers.

    Also as my helmets are for the serious enthusiasts due to the racing inspired weight and shape etc I believe its better to take the helmet to the people who matter at the place where they gather.

    My rep will have all the sizes etc for the public to try on and see the graphics etc, ordering was then going to be done via the website when they get home should they choose to purchase one and the item posted out to them.

    I had considered this issue of damage during postage and as such would ensure all packages are insured as well as double boxed and void filled with peanut shape foam.

    Of course this will not protect 100% but I am trying to mitigate any problems that may occur

    All helmets are transported from one place to another by some type of freight as people have pointed out -- it could but be bad luck or it could be a slacker in the transportation chain somewhere
  12. X10000

    probably kicked around in the store a time or three as well...
  13. Wrapped in kitten fur arnt they?

    I would ass-u-me that they would send helmets in lots (like a pallett, but not quite), but yes I guess individual postage makes sense.

    I don't know about everyone else but when I bought my shark helemet the helmet was sitting in the cover in the box. Nothing else protecting the helmet.

    I see it as an out of sight out of mind thing then. If I see damage on the box I dont buy it, and i inspect things first for marks and damage. I must be strange. 8-[
  14. Check the delivery slip and what you agreed to when you signed it.

    Sory for your drama but hopefully the bike shop will help you out :angel:


  15. In big trucks on pallets wrapped up in plastic. Much safer/secure than hanging and sliding around loose in a courier/postie van, in an individual box.

    I don't understand how you could have noticed that there was a rip in the helmet bag and the box upon delivery, but not the damage to the helmet until later?
  16. haha, funny that its a female that can answer that.
  17. was it from bikebiz?
  18. What if they only order a few helmets? Or you need a special size, special order? Special Rossi colours?

    I see your point, but I wouldn't count on it.
  19. You may be overestimating my stupidity. :) Initially I noticed neither of those. What followed was like a forensic study of a President's corpse, namely, discovering and matching bullet holes. :) The first to notice was the dint on the lid, then the rip in the bag, and finally the punctures in the cardboard packaging.

    All, many thanks for your support! I'll call the shop and see if they can do anything about this stuff.