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helmet bowling

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by moorey, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. embarrassing story.........I was getting ready to go for a ride, walking down to the garage helmet in hand when all of a sudden I slip backwards on wet stairs landing back first and kneeing the helmet out of my grip. Like a scene out of a move I see my helmet falling in slow motion (Nooooooooooooooooo!) hitting the last step. It would have fallen down about 5 steps and came to rest on the concrete floor at the bottom. So I got up brushed myself off and checked out the damage to my 3 month old Shoei . Turns out that on the back of the helmet there is a 2cm line where the fibreglass has broken off and the second layer is exposed plus a small scuff mark on the visor.

    Question: I know technically you should replace your helmet if it has been damaged in an accident but do you think I can get away with not replacing it in this instance?


  2. Don't worry about it. Just ride without a helmut. :facepalm: ](*,)
  3. Ouch, i think thats gone mate, the fibreglass has cracked and the next level has absorbed the energy so i think you need a new one!
  4. thats jus the plastic that has cracked not the fibre glass :)

    1. helmets is only unusable if you've fallen on a hard ground and the foam inside the lining has cushioned the landing with ur head inside.

    2. if the helmet has only jus fallen on the ground from a drop, ITS STILL USABLE as the foam has not been compressed/compromised by anything eg Your head. So the only damage you'll receive is just paintwork.
  5. I'd replace it.
    But I think any excuse is a good excuse to buy a new one.
  6. Your head your call. I know it's hard to go spend that much again after 3 months, but what if it is damaged more than you can tell.
  7. Despite what is said above, the outer shell of a helmet is an important part the protection it provides, and it sounds like the shell has been compromised. Is there a soft spot at the damage, if you push on it? If the second layer is exposed, it is no longer water tight, and you may start to get delamination of the fiberglass.

    It's still your call though. How important is the back of your head?
  8. I direct you to Jay Leno's 'Garage' website where he did a video involving an ARAI spokesperson. He dispelled a few myths but most importantly related to this it was:

    a. A helmet is only truely useless when the protective layers inside compact. In most accidental drops from body/bike height this does not occur. Oddly enough, he said it was still okay to wear! I thought this was a bit surprising and expected him to take the usual line of "if it's scratched throw it out", in order to protect themselves.

    b. You can paint your lid - just be careful of using heat lamps as these can accidentally cook the protective foam inside. This would suggest to me that you could seal the exposed part and re-paint it if you wanted. Maybe it's time for that Valentino face on the top of your lid? Ha.

    I recommend watching it and then assessing how bad the damage is again.

    But having said that - it is your head!
  9. You dont think much of your head do you?
    The shell is part of the structure. If there is movement there it wont perform as designed.

    Not all drops cause damage but it sounds like this one did. I'd be replacing it and being a little more careful :wink:
  10. As previous postings will show, I don't subscribe to the "a dropped helmet will kill you" school of thought.

    However, it sounds like yours has suffered more than cosmetic damage so I'd be looking to replace it soon-as.

    Wouldn't stop me wearing it in the meantime though.