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helmet airbrushing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Search found 3674 matches - now i feel sorry for all those people who get told to search before they ask!!

    what would it roughly set me back to airbrush, not a whole helmet, but say something like my avatar on the helmet?? just on one side
  2. I got quoted $450 to do a full helmet.

    That, however, does not answer your Q ;)
  3. if you sleep with the artist they do it for free :wink:
  4. Hi flexorcist,
    the cost of airbrushing a picture on your helmet,
    depends on the design,
    Do you have a picture of it?
    Full free hand work will cost more,
    as takes more time.

    Also depends the paint type already on your helmet,

    If it has a standard type Clear Over Base Paint job,
    is a matter of preparing the surface,
    airbrushing the design,
    clear coating the entire helmet,
    and your done.

    If is another paint type,
    Like a 2k solid type,
    makes it a lot harder,
    therefore more expensive.
    As for price,
    not sure.

  5. 1. http://www.airbrush.com.au/bikes.shtml Helmets start from $AU 350 with average being $AU 450.

    2. L.A. Designs Custom Paint Studio (ask for Luke or Andrea)
    Phone 03 5282 8525
    Mobile0417 201 619
    E-mail info@ladesigns.com.au

    Basic graphics on new helmet...... $750.00+
    Basic graphics on used helmet..... $850.00+
    Sponsor Logos............................. $65.00+
    Paint rear wing to match helmet.. $185.00+
    Airbrushed special effects............ $165.00+
    Name on back.............................. $75.00+
    Name on both sides..................... $35.00+
    Number on both sides.................. $135.00+
    Cartoons or characters................. $150.00+
    Airbrushed murals........................ $220.00+
    Metalflake Base............................ $220.00+
    Chrome dipped base.................... $550.00+

    PM ya email addy. Got something to tell ya offsite.
  6. beauty, thanks guys... that's about what i was suspecting. however the answer i was looking for was:

    "oh i airbrush, however i'm expanding my portfolio to include motorcycle helmets and i'm willing to do some for free at the moment"

    hahaha. i gotta get a new bike/jacket/helmet so i gotta work out what i'm gonna need total.
  7. What about diong it as a decal instead...might be cheaper, and if you get a few done you can put some on a new helmet when you buy one.?
  8. I was going to ask this question...but lucky you have already =P

    Considering the prices...I don't think I will be getting one done.

    Would stickers, like the ones stuck on cars, stick the same? or would they not be as adhesive due to a different type of paint on the helmet? (I'm not sure what paint is used on helmets...acrylic/2K/lacquer?)

    I just want my nickname on the back of my helmet...and a smiley face...

    Sorry to go a bit side tracked.

    phong =P~
  9. Vinyl stickers work really well on glass & other shiny surfaces (eg. cars)... just not sure how they're fare on different types of paint (ie. trying to take the sticker off the cheaper types might peel off a coat of paint if not done correctly etc). You can usually take these off by using a hairdryer to heat the adhesive up & peeling it off reallllly slowly. Most likely not reusable in those instances, not sure how 'reusable' they'd be after being used once anyway.

    Vital Signs in Belco is where I've had stuff done previously. Price depends on complexity of design, number of colours, if you do the artwork & provide them with suitable format, or if they do the artwork.. and so on.

    My question (hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread!) is that if you have a helmet airbrushed or stuck with stickers... does that void the AS standard/legality of that helmet? Or is it all good at long as the AS sticker is still visible?
  10. Hijack away, my question has been answered, now here's some other things I'll need to think about.
  11. Hey Flex

    I just realised a mate of mine does airbrushing.. forgot about him because
    I havent spoken to him in ages.

    I'll email you his details. Tell him I sent ya. :)

    Last time I spoke to him was when he painted this bike..


    As long as the sticker is visible I cant see how they could be any
  12. That is one sweet ass airbrushing job. =D

    With the helmet and legalities...I concur with MG. Don't think there should be any issues so long as AS sticker shows.

    phong =P~

    EDIT: with the stickers...would stickers that you would usually stick on say a car body/window...stick well on the back of a helmet?
  13. Thought that you can't/shouldn't stick, decals stickers on a helmet as it could damage the helmet?
  14. What kinda POS helmet you got to be thinking that dude? :shock:

    They do as much damage as your motorcycle decals do to
    ya fairing. :grin:
  15. lol it's not the helmet, it's just his stickers are EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Yeah I remember someone mentioning it, but if you think about it, a helmet has an outer shell which has paint on it, just like fairings and car panels. I am sure if the paint can withstand water, it can also withstand adhesives.

    So, decals which do not have a solvent based adhesive should be fine...I don't think there are decals which have adhesive that contain solvents. So super glue on helmet is a no no IMO. Normal stickers should be fine.

    phong =P~
  17. Flex, I havent forgotten about ya. You'll hear from me this w/end.

    I'll show you how I can fix you up. You'll see.
  18. no sweat. appreciate it bro.

    my old man said "if you promise to put an interlock on your bike i'll get you a loan". then we got on to the capacity argument and when i showed him the price diff between a 20yo lil feller, and a 10yo mid capacity we're pretty much sorted. i'll also mention to you via email that i may, not definitely, may have a good chance of getting a cheap bike.
  19. No worries champ. [​IMG]

    Check your inbox. I've sent you my comments.

    When the times right, come back to me & we'll see what MG can
    do for ya bud. [​IMG]
  20. mate in going to recommend a guy named daniel cotton. im not sure if he still paints helmets. but he is the king at airbrushing.

    im not sure how to contact him, but i believe he still races in formula ford, so you might be able to contact him through that.