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Helmet age.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by EricB, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys

    I put my leathers on for the first time today in 8 years.

    They just fit :roll:

    I have an Arai Schwantz replica that is 10yrs old and I was wondering if
    it should be shelved for good and replaced or can I still safely use it to protect my scull?

    Starting the hunt for a bike tomorrow after doing some reading up.

  2. Hi EricB,

    The helmet should be replaced. The protective foam within the helmet loses its properties after approximately 5years.
  3. Wow that soon!

  4. Hi Eric! There's nothing like the buzz of coming back after a while away, is there???

    Enjoy your shopping, and lots of piccies are required when you have purchased, of course!
  5. I'd buy another one :) Keep the replica on your computer desk or in the lounge room :) for all to see

    Welcome back to riding :) Happy shopping
  6. *says with my matter of fact teacher voice*Bin the helmet. :cool:

    They're only good for about 5 yrs. My system is to buy one every 2 years. When I buy a new helmet, the old one becomes the spare for a pillion and the old pillion helmet gets retired. :wink: :)
  7. bugger another reminder that im up for another 600 odd bucks for a new helmet this year
  8. Bianual nut insurance. :LOL:
  9. ohhhh i cant bin it, will keep it in my cupboard :wink:

    But now that you mention it, I will bin my pillion helmet.

  10. isnt that what they call life insurance for scooter riders ?? :LOL:
  11. So what brands are most people going for now days?
  12. Anywhere from $200-$800 will get you into a quality helmet that you can be confident will do it's job. Price isn't important. What you need is a helmet that fits properly. If it's not perfect, it's not good enough. Try on heaps and give the best one a long wear to make sure. You'll feel like a dork wandering around the shop with a helmet on for 10mins, but it's worth it given you'll often wear it for a few hours at a time. :)

    If you wear sunnies when you ride, don't forget to put them on when you try the fit, otherwise you might find your new helmet sqashes the arms into the side of your head (which is not fun). :wink:

    Edit: Brands.....? Whatever fits. I got a KBC VR1 the other day for $280. Fits like a dream so I would have happily paid $400 for it if I had to.

    Popular choices would be KBC, HJC, AGV, Shoi, Arai, Suomy, Nolan ect... the usual suspects.
  13. if you wanna stay with the ARAI they are still a good helmet mine cost me around 650 but the visors cost a fortune , around 80 bucks for the irridium , if i had my time again i would have spent the little bit extra on a shoei ..... hang on i am up for another one this year i think i will
  14. Go for "Seany" brand, but make sure you don't get an inferior substitute :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. The Instructor at HART suggested when a helmet has had it and you want to keep it, cut the straps off it so nobody will accidentally use it or be tempted to use it. :cool:
  16. You missed weight .. extremely important if you like tours or day rides. A number of people are impacted by the heavy weight of their helmet for long rides, makes fatique come in a bit earlier. If you haven't had a $800 low weight helmet compared to a $300 heavier weight helmet, you'd be surprised the difference it makes to you and your neck.
  17. i agree mouth, i went from a kbc vr1 to a suomy entry level model and was amazed at the difference in weight. i had also tried on a shark helmet but it weighed more than a ten-pin bowling ball :shock:

    head checks are also a fair bit nicer/easier in a lighter helmet.
  18. Did I miss it, or fail to mention it because it comes under the banner of comfort? :p Yes it is important on long rides, but not near as important as fit. If you get tired you can stop and rest. If you come off and you helmet doesn't fit you'll likely end up with an aquired brain injury, but at least you felt fresh at the time. :)
  19. As the real seany mentioned the best helmet is one the fits you properly and feels comfortable on.

    if you're not too keen on spending a fortune there's a fairly new place on Dorset Rd Bayswater (between canterbury rd & mountain hwy) that has some good specials on shoei's.

    the other half got a plain blue shoei Z2 (i think) for about $350 a couple of months ago. they don't have a huge range, but it's not too far from all the standard bike shops in Ringwood if you don't find anything there.

    happy shopping :)
  20. I tried a Shark recently but it wasn't the weight I had a problem with, it was the lack of vision. Combine the breath guard with the narrow face opening and I imagine Ned Kelly would have been able to see more out of his helmet. You mention headchecks, well with a Shark you'd be needing to do them a lot more often since you can't see anything beside you.

    Buy a helmet you can see out of.