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Helmet Advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. As the topic says.... been looking around for a new lid, as have had mine for a while now, and feel it's time to replace it.....

    Am not in a hurry but i know around mtogp time there are a few sales, so i thought i would start looking early.

    So while looking I found that the new model have changed the vents switches to a new rocker design, much easier to adjust with gloves on. Woohooo.... Tired it on wow beautiful fit, just as comfy as my old helmet, only down side is i am not much for the graphics off the new model. (yep doesn't match my shoes or backpack :p )


    on the next shelf below, there sat "old faithful" (same model) in a new revised pattern and it was love at first sight. Tired it on and yep just like my old one. (foam slightly tighter around face, but really just like wearing my own helmet.) But off course it had those horror little switches.

    Now gotta admit i really love my helmet it's nice and comfy can wear it all day with no problems, BUT the only thing i have always disliked with this helmet was the switches for the vents are very small and hard to use when gloves are on.

    Now commuting every day and riding most weekends, i got pretty good at setting the vents the way i wanted them before i jumped on the bike and as such has been ages since i have touched them.

    So the question is would you/have you bought the same helmet twice? Also is there any real purpose to have adjustable vents? Do others actually adjust them everyday or do you set them and leave them?

    Both are super comfy, so this whole process would of been so easy had one not fit correctly (or hated my old helmet)

    Cheers stewy
  2. i'd go for the newer one. Not for any good reason, i just like to change things up. I seem to get bored with helmets and end up getting a new one every year or so.