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Helmet advice please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Clayt0nB, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Been doing a lot of research since I have too much time and I have now confused myself.

    After trying on all the helmets on a list I made I realized a few things;
    Shark and AGV were two brands I was keen on untill I realized they are the complete wrong shape for me.
    HJC cl16, Shoei TZ-X and Rhok are the perfect shape though I have not heard too much good about the HJC's, TZ X is a bit $$$ and the RHOK XS was bigger then the other two in a XS.

    Odd because the rhok sizing chart says I would be a S.

    Has anyone got any advice/ideas on what I should look at? I love the Rhok and its still snug on my head but I don't want it to settle in and end up being too big.

  2. I guess it depends on the size of your noggin.. your best bet is just to try every helmet you can get your hands on until you find the one that fits.. I have an XS Shark Evoline that was very snug when I first started wearing it, but after a week the .. whatever it is inside.. shaped itself to my head, so now I hardly notice it..

    If your heart is set on RHOK... Maybe have words with @Takamii and see if there's inserts or something else you can do for a proper fit...

    good luck in your search (y)
  3. I've been wearing a Shoei TZ-X size M for around the last 5 years. In fact I've had Shoei for many years. They just fit me best.
    When I bought it I really wanted to like the AGV but it was just the wrong shape.
    Now I've just replaced it with an AGV Grid helmet size S.
    It seems AGV have new headforms for their latest designs, at least according to their website.
    The Grid seems to be the lower end of their race helmet range and was about $100 cheaper and 200g lighter than the Shoei it replaces.
    I'm very happy with the purchase.
  4. Thats good to know and if you said you were an M in Shoei and S in AGV. I'm an XS in the Shoei TX - Z, Would the AVG fit at all? The grid does look like a wonderful helmet. (If the shape is right)
  5. my advice would be factor out price.
    cost is irrelevent in this case.
    not something to consider on your checklist for brain protection.
  6. I know what you mean but something like a AVG Grid and TZ-X, one is few hundred dollars cheaper and if it fits right, will do just as good of a job. (I know some helmets excel the standards more then others).

    Algroover's comment has opened my mind back to AVG, and since it seems our head shapes are similar, I have hopes for the Grid.
  7. Shoei are just about to release a new helmet, the GT-Air. TZ-X is an older model so you might have some wiggle room on price. I think PS had them on special; might be worth checking. I can't remember if this model or what the price was tho.
  8. Sorry, PS?

    And, best i have seen so far is $599, will look around some more
  9. Peter stevens, but that's probably about right although worth asking for a discount.
  10. I've never heard of Peter Stevens outside of Melbourne, Geelong or Adelaide. Doubt they are in Noosa.

    Don't know if the OP has tried Bell helmets. They might work if you don't have a "Shark" head. Certainly worked for me. You can also buy different thickness pads for the Bells although you will probably need to get those from overseas.
  11. Bell RS 1 looks good. Shape seems okay, haven't tried it on, will asap.
    Seems to be quite similar to the TZ X. Nice reviews on webikeworld and revzilla.

    Peter Stevens, not sure but Im sure if they have good prices I could get it online.
  12. Contact Takamii about your RHOK, he'll do his best to make sure the sizing is correct.
  13. Well done for learning an important lesson about helmets. That is, that even if you've been wanking over a particular brand for years, if it doesn't fit it's no good for you.

    Buy a lid that fits. That's the first priority. All else is secondary. Of those that fit, lighter is generally better. It will be both more comfortable and less likely to stretch your neck in a crash.

    Then look for ergonomics. A good visor/mechanism makes it more likely that you will be able to see (because you'll keep the visor cleaner and change it sooner, that's why) which is important to your primary safety (ie not crashing in the first place). Good ventilation is also important because it'll keep you more comfortable and alert, particularly in hot conditions, which again is good for primary safety.

    Noise is important but almost impossible to test for without riding your bike in it in a variety of conditions. I did, though, recently read of a shop in Germany which has a bike set up in a wind tunnel so you can "test ride" apparel :D. Won't happen in Oz though.

    Cost is a factor. In some ways an expensive lid may have a negative effect on safety because, having spent all that money you may be less inclined to replace it when you really should. Given that, in the Sharps tests, some dirt cheap lids outperformed some very expensive ones, purchase price is not a reliable indicator of the level of protection offered.

    Stuff like removeable linings is nice but not, IMHO, essential but then I favour a No 1 these days and don't use hair products so YMMV.

    Bottom line, though, is that AS whatever it is and/or any number of other recognised standards around the world have gone a very long way towards ensuring that it is very unlikely that you will end up with a helmet that offers objectively poor protection as long as it fits and is in good condition. As a result, IMHO, your helmet brand and model choice has a far, far smaller influence on your chances of surviving your riding career than any number of other factors that are at play.

    So get one that fits you and whose other features you can easily live with and stop worrying about it. Chances are your first lid won't be absolutely perfect. There's always likely to be something which niggles but treat it as a learning experience towards your next one.
  14. I don't know what you've heard about HJC's but I'm on to my 6th one in 16 years and can't complain.

    Basically you done what you should with helmets, now you just need to buy the one that fits best.
  15. I paid $600 for my Shoei XR1100.. shop around for last years colours.. big savings to be had..
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  16. Try bike mart in ringwood.
  17. I bought a TZ-X in October for my return to riding after a long break. I had a Shoei in the past so went with one again. Have to say, I'm very disappointed in the TZ-X. It is the noisiest helmet I've ever worn. I bought the whisper kit for an extra $65 which quietened it down a little but it is still too noisey imo, even with earplugs. Can't recommend it.
  18. What sort of HJC do you have? (I only really looked at the Cl-16)

    Interesting, I have heard in other situations that it is super quiet.

    Pretty sure I'm going for the Rhok, best so far.

    Thanks for the info guys.
  19. right now I have an FS15 and an open face. I recently tried on a CL16 and didn't like it, I actually preferred the IS-16(?) the one with the 'inbuilt sunnies, but I'll be getting another FS15 when the time comes.
  20. Rhok is a very similar fit to HJC, if the HJC fits your head shape so will the Rhok it seems. The Rhok sizing on mine was a fraction firmer but has relaxed a bit and is a nice fit now after a couple of months.
    My Rhok is 300g lighter than the HJC, a factor I like.
    Wind noise is more noticeable on the Rhok when sitting upright but I like the helmet so much Ive gotten used to it.
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