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Hell's Kitchen 5/5/09

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 6, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    Does anyone have a copy of this episode?

    I got stuck at work for 16 hours and forgot to record it.

  2. Do you know which episode and season it it?
  3. Not really, I stumbled across the first episode and it caught my eye.
    Its screened on CH9 Tuesdays at 9.30 I think.
  4. i should have it still unless the wife deleted it...LMAO

    I can burn it to a dvd if you like for you
  5. I'd appreciate it if you could.

  6. Oh, hai.
    Is that the episode where he goes to a mediocre restaurant, tells them their doing a terrible job; that they need to use "fresh local produce" and then swears a lot in between private interviews with staff who admit they could be doing things better and would take his advice 100% if he wasn't such an arrogant prig??
  7. ummm... nope, thats Kitchen Nightmares :wink:
  8. possibly. I thought it was the one where he went to the pub and told them to stop cooking fancy food and showed them how to make pie and mash and redecorated the place with "rustic charm".

  9. i think its season 2 ep04
  10. I think you need to use a slightly bigger text :LOL:

    I've got pretty well most of the episodes, but I only know them by Season and Episode. Soz
  11. I reckon the funniest thing about Gordan Ramsay is it's only the people that watch who complain, yet the people he's swearing and screaming at thank him at the end for it!
  12. seeing the ad on TV tonight reminded me I need to put the last episode onto DVD...

    Went looking for the episode and the wife has deleted it as she watched it already :(

  13. No stress.

    Last nights episode pretty much let me know what had happened the previous episode.

    Thanks anyway