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Hell's Hacks - Some reality here..

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by joetdm, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. You know, so many different people ride and more of these vids help all riders.

    Best comments of the video?

    You don't really need an excuse...... or reason to ride a bike......
    You just decided to do it and you do it...
    It's really a nice thing to do........ with ya mates!


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  2. These 3 journo's are the ones you should be writing too.
    to get them onside with this TAC Crap.

    They are already in the PM's ear, ETC ETC. And in Canberra, so they can lean on the right people,
    And a State issue would not be beyond them,
  3. Thanks for that posting that.
  4. They're really funny, I enjoyed that...
  5. " I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motor-sickle"

    Haaaahahahaha, gotta love Arlo Guthrie.

    Nice on Joe.

    Deadman is right, let's get them on side.
  6. Silly old buggers.
  7. Great vid. :)

    Making contact with those guys would be worth while!
  8. They might be silly old buggers, But they are the Media and all ride bikes,

    Thats half the battle already won with them speaking for Motor cycles in the Press.

    It might be our way for a change,
  9. I only say "silly old buggers" because I is one of them.
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  10. Welcome aboard,

    Reading here you will know how we feel about that TAC ad,

    Is there some way you can assist us in our endevours to get their attitude changed towards Bike riders,,

  11. i did love that about riding in canberra. a fun park of twisty roads is quite honestly maybe 10km from the city centre.

    Shit there are two great roads right in the centre of town going up Black mountain and Mount Ainsly
  12. Well, I guess the yarn above was a start. But I'll certainly do another in the fullness. Riding is very popular here in Canberra, except in winter...
  13. Welcome aboard. Hope you hang around and share some of the wealth of experience with many of the noobs on our board. :)
  14. Nice to have a celebrity with us... hahahaha

    Welcome and I love watching that vid!
  15. hahahaha I love how the term themselves The Mild Ones !