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Hells Angels Help 2

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ageneral, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. Issue Closed

  2. Not to sound like a smartass, but would you be trying to contact Eddie McGuire if someone wearing a collingwood jumper had done the same thing?
  3. Well first I could get word the Eddie if that happened but second I would contact Collingwood HQ. Yes.
  4. Not really a valid analogy.

    Something closer would be, if the offender were wearing an ADF uniform, to contact there superiors, which would be entirely correct and proper. Still not an ideal comparison, but better.

    Can't help with how to actually make contact but, in my (very limited and peripheral experience) of patch clubs in the UK, your idea is not completely ridiculous. They tend to be very PR savvy and take quite a dim view of their members making arses of themselves in public.
  5. Was the guy a full-patch or an associate?
  6. I would suggest that if anyone here is able to help you out, this thread is enough to serve as your desire to contact, and that you can either expect to be contacted via a pm by anyone that is able to assist you in this request, or, you will not hear anything.

    I am quite sure though that if you were to continue past this point, like your last thread, this one may also disappear. Leave this like it is, and see if anyone gets in touch.
  7. I have no idea exactly but I would say he'd be an associate.
  8. I can't help you with contacting anybody but from what I've been told they would pull an associate up for that sort of thing. Hard part is getting in contact, I guess.
  9. And btw everyone, I freaking hate twilight lol.

    They will get in contact if they want to.
  10. I'm hoping my off the cuff remark (meant entirely in humor) didn't get the thread closed...
  11. I don't know if it was but I did get the website you listed and had emailed them right before making a thread here. Thank you

    Seriously ... please don't post off-topic comments here. Thank you.
  12. PFFT have a sense of humour.
  13. seriously, i was just making a joke.

    i'm sorry. lighten up. but seriously, i wouldn't bother contacting them. they throw threats around all the time - they did it to me at the servo once "i'm in the hells angels, i'm going to get them to turn up and then you'll be sorry"... they've done it to mates, to colleagues, etc.

    and i stopped working at the servo years ago cause it was a crap job, fyi.

    like, who really gives? you'll never hear about it again.
  14. you DONT need to name the bike club ,,,you never know who is reading what you write,,,, you must be young ?????? it sounds to me your in the wrong line of work,,,, my son works as a door man at a pub and i have allso ,,,,
  15. First I just don't want this thread closed due to humor if that was the case of the first one.

    Second I handle my security diplomatically and everyone has a boss so when you get older you may find that contacting the hierarchy of the structure can be more progressive.

    Thank you for shearing your experience I'll take it with a grain of salt ;)
  16. So let me get this right... you want to contact the HA about some misdemeanor conducted by one of it's members at a venue you do security at???

    Nah, seriously, is that what you want to do?

    Have you thought this through?

  17. your a wanker and deserve every thing you get,and you will get it with an attitude like that ,,, let sleeping dogs lie,,,, ive been around oc for a long time and i can tell you they want take any crap from wankers like you
  18. agreed. i wouldn't be messing with them!
  19. In Victoria, the Hells Angels have just three chapters, with clubhouses in Campbellfield, Fairfield and Thomastown.
    There's three places I'd steer clear of:
    IF that guy wants to bash your face in, either they'll deal with him (because he's acted outside his authority) or they won't ('cos they actually ASKED him to f*ck with you).
    Either way, dobbing him in ain't gonna help you, and you're more likely to get a kick in the groin than a pat on the back.

    Just treat him the same as anyone else. That's all they usually ask. Kick him out if he f*cks up, otherwise, let him be. In these modern days, HA's don't come around to mess with your business unless you're messing with theirs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.