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Hells Angels clubhouse bombed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25006210-421,00.html

    all i can say is

    :shock: :popcorn:

    will be like the movies when the revenge starts

    funny though, in Sydney, hells angels have been real quiet, havnt heard nothing about them until now, always been the bandidos and rebels
  2. And this is why you don't leave your meth lab unattended.
  3. Damn straight, its going to be really messed up when the war starts!

    Doesnt matter where they are located......they are part of the Hells Angels and for some that is good enough! Some of thier members are "normal" people (good, doctors, teachers, solicitors and so on), unfortunately other members make the club as a whole look bad. I think its sad but we are in for some interesting new reports!
  4. I'm sure it will all be settled sensibly, like adults.

  5. Roshambo?
  6. I drove past Crystal St today.

    Sheesh! Big bloody bits of concrete were a looong way away from the building. Must have been quite the bomb ^_^
  7. :shock:
  8. Whoever did it must be prepared for war.
  9. lol cops announced on the news, no suspicious circumstances

    errrrrr WTF :shock:

    a bomb went off in the shop and there is bullet holes at the tattoo parlour close by, owned by hells angels and that is no suspicious circumstances, are the cops now shaking in thier boots
  10. This stuff just keeps happening, year in year out. Probably for the same reason too.
  11. I liked how the cops were on the radio saying:

    We need to be precise and request that anyone who has information, needs to contact the police. Bikie gangs have a code of silence, so if we are to beat the bikie gang, then we must act fast!!!

    Me thinks the police are also a little scared as to what might happen next.
  12. Well at least no one was injured.
  13. I trust that none of those lovely Harley Davidson motorcycles were damaged in the blast.
  14. Not4Resale Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:02 am Post subject:


    Well at least no one was injured.

    Well, not yet anyways . . . .
    I think pple are going to get hurt when the Hells get back
  15. I thought the irony was quite clear in my statement. :roll:
  16. Well, seeing as a Comanchero got shot on the weekend by a guy in full HA colours then I guess it's game on.
  17. Criminals killing criminals..I'm going to have a big cry so could you pass me the tissues please.
  18. Not4resale.
    Sorry, I did not see the irony at first :(
  19. Allegedly! :wink: