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Hells Angel Poker Run

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Pink Angel, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. For those of you who like to live life on the dangerous side :eek:

    The Hell’s Angels Poker Run will commence at around 1030 hrs on Saturday the 19th of March, 2005. They will be leaving from Thomastown Nomads club house in Lipton Drive, Thomastown. It is expected that there will be approximately 300 bikes. The event is open to members of the public to attend. The group will travel to three other unknown locations and finally return to the club house for a party! :shock: :D
  2. I take it you'll be leading the "members of the public" section? 8)

    Anyone else interested?
  3. hahaha, you must have a new occupation Jake...... comedian :LOL:
  4. return to the party house for a clubbin' more like :shock: :shock:
  5. Why is everyone acting so affraid of these people? I went to Immortals MC party a while ago, had fun, cheap everything, no problems. I'm going to one tonight as well. I never had any problems with them whatsoever!!! Did anyone attend these poker runs and had some problems? Public I mean. I mean, it is pretty clear with them if you step on their toe, you're in truoble(isn't it like that with almost everyone?), but apart from that I don't see any discomfort.
  6. AFRAID :shock: Who said I was afraid of them. Get each one of those guys on their own and they turn into wimpy little pussy's. (No offence to feline's intended) Their strength is only in numbers.
  7. What ever it is, I'm just saying, I've never had problems with them, and general opinion about them is, SCARRY, I don't find it like that.
  8. So? Any takers? I'm thinking about it but would be more motivated if there is more than just me and a bunch on beards on bikes.
  9. Very slim chance of me showing up that early all the way in Thomastown, it will be squezzing it a bit to get back home 12:30 for an appoitment don't you think? :LOL: If you go, have fun! Anyway, if somebody is in Bayswater area, Immortals have a party tonight as well, I'll be there, so who ever is going, see you there!!!
  10. Funny, But I think this ride is one for the boys. Somehow I think the girls maybe turned into the "entertainment" :shock: :LOL: :eek:
  11. Its Not FAIR !!!!
    I have to go to a general meeting with the PatriotsMC up in the Hills at Ruffy on Saturday.
    If I wasn't I would have lead the netrider Charge at the poker run .
    Nomad , no matter what you say , you will never change peoples perception of MC or 1% .
    But I am Curious Angel , if you were invites to attend The "Hells Angels" fund raising Ride for the Royal Childrens Hospital would you consider going then ?

    I will make sure that you get your own special Invation to the "Christmas Angels Ride " for the alanah Madeline Foundation this year and I will hook you up with One of the patriots , or even as a pillion on a harley would you come ?
  12. Sorry Glen,
    They can do all the charity work that they like, but that does not change what they are, lowlife scum who dwell on the bottom of our sewers. Have a look at all the bad they create first and see if their "so called" charity work will absolve them.

    Don't get me wrong, I know there is a distinct difference between the Patriots and the 1% groups. I am only referring to these outlaw groups. I applaud you in your move into the Patriots.
  13. no need to be sorry , everyone is entitled to there own ideas and opinions on what they wish and thats fine (each to there own)
    I am not big on stereo typing that is the only reason i said something , many people who have had bad experiances and that guides there views and rightly so, but not all people are bad thats all i am trying to say .
    but i hope you will come to christmas angels this year :D
  14. Do you mean only having about 60 horses, legacy engineering, a fat gut and exceleration that matches 4 cylinder car? Whoaaa dangerous!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Or do you mean dangerous by the fact that they try to act tough and hard cos their bikes are slow arse pigs?
  15. what are you talking the ulysses here? :roll:
  16. I am keen to go to the Poker Run tomorrow. I have met more low lifes and scum bags that operate as doctors and lawyers than I have at motorbike clubs.

    As for being female - I am sure that I will not be the entertainment unless I give off that vibe.

    Will be going to the Immortals tonight. Catch whoevers going there
  17. Annette's review of doing the Melbourne ride on a 250 (http://www.wima.org.au/vic/news-annette.html) wouldn't give this impression at all. It sounds like she had a good time. I guess your experience of a past Poker Run must have been different. Which one were you on?
  18. I headin to it, tis a top day, small group leaving from my place at about 9ish, pm if you wanna cruise in with us. Oh and for the record girls are not turned into entertainment. Unless they wanna come back my place ? . :)

  19. Fark me its a poker run its designed for people who ride to have a little fun and at the same time pull a couple of bucks into their club.
    Padros, There are harley riders on here and if anyone of us sold our rides we could buy 2 gsx-r 1000's with the cash
  20. Hey, leave Padros alone.. if he's picking on the Harleys he's leaving Across's alone :LOL:

    and think how many across's you could buy :shock: