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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Synik, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. HELLOS!!!!!!

    ive been lurking this place since I got my l's last weekend! so i figured I'd better say HELLO!!!!

    This is now the place that cures my boredom while at work :)

    p.s. anyone else up in Armidale NSW?
  2. Cool, what bike did you ride for your L's test?
  3. welcome synik
  4. just the Honda one's they had there! I did it through Wheelskills... not sure oif its the same guys that do it in the cities, but it was a good 2 days! good fun!
  5. Welcome Synik :grin:
  6. Welcome, Synic, from another newbie recently L-icensed!

    Enjoy the forums

  7. aint it great!
  8. Welcome to NR Synik :grin:
  9. Welcome to the Forum Synik. I live in Newcastle NSW and did my licence last year with WheelSkills as well. They are the same mob that look after the training up your way. I think they have the contract for about 6 or 7 training centres around NSW.

    It just so happens that I am riding up to Armidale this coming weekend. Just hope the weather stays fine. Long way to ride for the weekend just to get wet!! I have family up your way.
  10. Hi Synik, welcome to Netrider. :)
  11. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Welcome Newb.

    Good to see NR is of some use to ya. [​IMG]
  12. welcoome dude.... :LOL:
  13. Welcome Synik
  14. Welcome and try one of my fave rides from Armidale to the coast, lots of twisties and also wet leaves :shock:

  15. yeah bit overcast today... but should be ok for the weekend!
  16. yeah there is some good rides around here.. havent taken on any of them yet as I'm not sure if im experienced enought but from here to coffs is good and also going through Walcha down to port is a nice ride!
  17. welcome synik
  18. Welcome Synik. This is certainly a great place to pass time :LOL: . And congrats on your Ls :applause: