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Hellos and intros

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by the wizza of oz, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. G'day all,
    i've been a visitor to these forums since the beginning of summer and have enjoyed reading many of members' stories and comments over the last few months, so ive decided to take the plunge and join in the banter...........finally.

    Male, 32, sydney's inner-west, '00 zx6r, 66k!!

    been riding since '99 with commuting and day rides being the thing initially.

    these days, the commuting doesnt exist. in fact, i find it really farken annoying riding the bike in and around the sydney metro area with the numbers of steel-caged mob, and the fact that the ninja wants to be moving, otherwise it............and in other ways..............i, tend to heat up!!! instead, you'll find me riding out of sydney early and returning later on day rides around sydney's famous loops.

    i've also taken a liking to touring having been to cairns and back, done several phillip island and other victorian rides, and most recently did a tour of the new england and north coast of nsw just to name a few within oz. have also done a solo 2-1/2 wk ride of the state of california in the USA..............a must for any serious riders!! They've got some great scenery and landscapes over there.................and farken fantastic roads! am keen to explore more roads here and abroad in the future.

    read ya all in the forums!

    wiz :grin:
  2. Hello! <---welcome to the extreme (note the exclamation mark!)
  3. Welcome :) You'll have to come DOWN from Sydney and sample some of our South Coast roads :wink:.
  4. Welcome to NR!

    Victoria .. the place to be
    GOR, Black Spur, Reefton Spur, PI, list goes on ..
    PS: One day I'll even try these roads myself :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Welcome Wiz.

    Check out the nsw ride & events for a coffee meet near you & come meet some more of us. You might even find a ride to tag along on.

    See ya round soon :grin:
  6. G,day and welcome champ. :wink:
  7. Awesome dude. You certainly have a lot to add to this forum. Welcome.
  8. ahh welcome grasshopper :cool:
  9. Thanks for the welcome.

    I went for a scratch to Wisemans Ferry Thursday week ago. Was a beaut day and ride, 21 deg, and very little traffic on the road. Took the anti-clockwise route heading north along the Old Road (including a stop at the PITS - Pie in the Sky), up Peats Ridge and Wisemans Ferry Road, before heading back via Maroota, Cattai and the dreaded Windsor Road. That final (or initial - depending on where and what direction your heading) 50km can ruin a great days riding sometimes, but it was bearable on this day........i got a good run with the lights!

    A mate and I were hoping to ride out to Bathurst yesterday (Thursday seems to be my riding day as I regularly get it off) but the farken weather had other ideas. We were planning to head off from the inner-west at 8am - across the M4; up the GWH over the Blue Mountains; turn-off at Hartley to Jenolan Caves; onto Oberon and Bathurst; multiple laps of Mt Panorama before heading back to Sydney on the GWH to Lithgow; then the Bells Line of Road and Windsor Road to Sydney. As many of you would know, its a fair day-long loop.....and after wasting an hour or so waiting around for the weather, it then had to be canned. Could have modified it by turning off the GWH at Mt Vic, but still, the farken weather.

    Not that I dont ride in the wet stuff, or the cold stuff...........got lots of km under my belt in all conditions. But Id prefer the warmer/drier climes for an enjoyable ride.

    Will be heading up to the NSW North Coast and New England areas again at the beginning of May. friend wants to experience the tour so we've both taken leave and will be setting off on May 1 and coming back around the 7th. The intinerary:

    May 1 - Sydney to Taree (or Forster) via Old Road & George Downes, Cessnock, Morpeth, The Bucketts Way (Stroud & Gloucestor).
    May 2 - Taree (or Forster) to Bellingen via Oxley, Armidale, Waterfall Way.
    May 3 - Bellingen to Byron Bay via Nymboida, Grafton, Lawrence Ferry and Maclean, Pac Hwy (Ballina), and Coast Rd.
    May 4 - Rest
    May 5 - Byron Bay to Armidale via Bangalow, Lismore, Casino, Summerland Way (Grafton), Gwyder Hwy (Glen Innes), Armidale.
    May 6 - Armidale to Cessnock via Thunderbolts, Bucketts, Dungog, Paterson.
    May 7 - Cessnock to Sydney via Putty Road.

    All welcome to join in at various stages along the way.

    Anyway, hoping to get the opportunity for a ride next Thursday. hhhhmmmmm, where shall I go.............;)
  10. welcome mate, i suggest if you have time changing your ride slightly and when you get to casino head out to tenterfield via the bruxner hwy (some people dread this road i personally love it) then to glenn innes the gwyder to grafton then do the waterfall way again or the oxley then thunderbolt and the rest of your ride

    the northern highlands are bloody fantastic can't wait to get in amoungst them on the june long weekend
  11. I just can't express how much I'd love to join you. Sounds great!