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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by rupz, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Hi guys!

    Been reading the forums for a lil while and have found it very informative so I thought I'd join up :)

    Got my L licence at the end of Feb this year. Bought an old gpx250 to learn and practice on however I fell off pretty soon after :oops: Scrapped my knee up because i wasn't wearing any protection for my legs - lesson learnt!

    Took a while for me to get back on the bike but now I'm loving it more than ever after buying a zxr250 which I use to commute to uni.

    Cheers guys,

  2. Hey mate, welcome to Netrider !
  3. Gotta protect those knees, you only get one set :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  4. Welcome to a great site. Glad you learnt the "cover up properly" lesson without too much damage. :grin: Enjoy the ride. cheers.
  5. Welcome Ru, sounds like u need to join us at Homebush learner sessions
  6. Welcome aboard Ru !
  7. Yeah I definitely plan on getting out there when I have some spare time :)
  8. Your at uni, if I remember uni rightly it goes like this:

    9am: sleeping from study / hangover
    midday: consider attending lectures
    3pm: uni bar
    6pm: uni bar closed, work or play
    9pm: go socialise (Ride bike HERE)
    midnight: cram for assignment / test / exam
    3am: 'study break' = few hours of xbox or downloading music / movies / p0rn
    6am: bed.

    You've got heaps of time to ride. :grin:

    Welcome and enjoy your new bike.
  9. Welcome Rupz :grin: