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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by france 1000, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Just a couple of words to introduce myself
    my name is christophe, i am 27, ride a zr7s grey and red

    Did I forget anything ? Er, um, yeah, I am a French frog

  2. Welcome, looks like it will be a long trip for you to come to the Netrider coffee night. :D
  3. Welcome to our antipodean forum, christophe. Hang around, please, and give us a European perspective on on our many discussions and arguments!

    We have quite a few riders here who've lived and riddein in Europe, but current information anout bikes and trends and especially the legal landscape with reference to riding would be most appreciated.

    You can be the Netrider European Correspondent, perhaps file weekly reports!! :LOL:
  4. Bonjour,

    Hope to see you on a ride some day.
  5. Hi there and welcome.

    :D :D
  6. Its just lucky for you I drive a peugeot :p

    Welcome :D
  7. Hi france 1000 , welcome .
  8. Always knew there was something strange about you :LOL: :p

    oh yeah welcome btw..... us aussies are a friendly alot, well most of the time :wink: (unless of course the french bet us at any sporting events (like thats going to happen :p )

    cheers stewy 8)
  9. Bonjour et bienvenue Christophe
  10. Hello there!
  11. You think so ?
    leave me some time to print a trip planner, to fill in my tanker, and GAAAZZ (don't know how to say it in English... :oops: ) to join you !
    A couple of weeks should be enough no ?
    1 question remains : should I go East or West first ?

    Hi !
    It would be a great honour and pleasure for me to do so
    Just leave me some time to get a better view of how this forum works and where is the best place to post such a topic
    but it is perfectly feasible : you will see, bike riding in France must be very different compared to Aussie's way of riding.

    Oh ... Sorry for that guy
    Didn't you find any better car ?
    French cars suck, I though everybody hnew that, I drive an Alfa personnaly

    @all : thanks for your very kind welcome :D :D
  12. Hi france 1000, welcome aboard. Could you please go out and immediately hijack a truck load of Gitanes papier maïs and send them to me? If you get caught, just tell the Flic that the devil made you do it.
  13. gitanes maïs ? you tasted it :shock: ?
    very difficult to find them by now... most people smokin' that died very young
    sorry for that
    additionnaly advertizing for cigarettes is totally forbidden here, so it is bnot indocated on trailer if they bring some ...
    anyway, if I see one some day, I swear I will try to pick some and send the "precious" to you :LOL:
  14. Tasted it! when I lived in Grasse I lived on them....and Pastis....and Diablo Menthe, and the worlds best coffee....and ahh nostalgia is grand.
  15. ah Grasse...
    such a beautiful place to live... and ride !!!

    ... but one though : if you mix gitanes maïs + pastis + coffee, i cannot imagine how many diabolo menthe you have to drink to get a correct breath back... (sorry, French humor :WStupid: )
  16. Ha Ha...breath like a vache espanol.... :shock:
  17. that's it !
    you stayed a long time in Grasse ? Workin' there ?
  18. Welcome to the jungle. You may find some very interesting people in here..

  19. Yes, in the Perfumerie Fragonard as a labourer, and in a restuarant as a plonguer.....good food.....better girls