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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hally, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. hi all, im new to the site been riding for a few months now, goin for my licence soon :grin: cant wait!

    i dont really have any mates who ride so its gona be good to chat on this site and talk some tech and do some riding trips i hope!

  2. just getting some posts up so can pm people..................1 to go :roll:
  3. ha ha i made it weeheeeee 15 posts :twisted:
    pm's are headin your way!
  4. welcome..
  5. Gudday hally. You've certainly got a way with words! I can dig it.
  6. welcome fellow noob.. :cool:
  7. Howdy and welcome ;)
  8. Welcome hally, not too far from greensie here in Templestowe.
    PM me if you wanna go riding.
  9. welcome

  10. Welcome Chris and good luck with your licence
  11. Welcome to NR hally. I'm in Bundoora so if u ever need to get to an NR coffee meet location for the first time drop me a line, and I'll lead you astray :wink:
  12. Welcome to the forums Hally :cool:
  13. Welcome Chris. Hope that licence test goes super well. Ride safe mate
  14. Welcome Chris!
  15. Welcome Chris - hope you enjoy the ride.
  16. thanks heaps guys!!! :cool:
  17. Welcome to the madness hally. :grin: