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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Eli-loca, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys! I'm another member who is joining you :) So excited I just found this site, looks awesome! Looking forward meeting some of you this upcoming Saturday ;)

  2. Welcome Elizabeth.
    Give us some more. Have you been riding long ?
    What do you ride ?
  3. Hi stever42! Well, I'm pretty new to riding (around 9 months) and I've got a mini cruiser 250.
    What about you? Are you from sydney? Have you been to homebush for practising?
  4. Oops! Sorry, just realised you're from VIC... lol
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  5. OK, what's a mini cruiser ? Virago, intruder or Laro ?
  6. Welcome.

    In Melbourne we also have a practice session on Saturdays. Great resource.
  7. We had the same - lol. There's a Canterbury in Melbourne too.
  8. None! Lol. It's a torino. well, yeah, I'm learning :p
    That made me realise I should've written sydney instead
    ...fingers cross this message goes ok as it's the first time I "respond" to a comment
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  9. Welcome. Visit Homebush and you will get some good practice on a marked course and advice from a few good men here.
  10. welcome aboard :] how's the torino
  11. Welcome to NR...
  12. Welcome to the forum!

    I cannot recommend Homebush Learner sessions enough. Ozyoda and team do a great job of giving learners the opportunity to practice and gain confidence in slow speed skills.

    Also you get to meet the many other riders who are all in the same stage of rider skill development - you might even get to know a few who will become your regular riding group.
  13. ... and you managed a multi-quote too. Impressive.

    Welcome to NR, and to motorcycling.
  14. Welcome to NR!
  15. The torino is not bad. I'm the one who needs to practice doing that U turn!
    Thanx to all for the warm welcome :)