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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by explaura, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm Laura from Melbourne, getting my L's very soon (booked in today).. can't wait!
    My brother and dad both started riding about a year ago, and I sometimes ride pillion with one of my friends... after going through the Black Spur... I'm hooked! For now i'll share my brothers crusier, but when I'm off my P's i'll be looking at sports bikes, I don't even know where to start but I see great resources (and recommendations) here :)

    I have a lot to learn...

    Look forward to meeting some VIC people in the next few months :D
  2. welcome to NR, great wealth of knowledge to read in here.

    but i would suggest if you can, get the style of bike to learn on that you plan on riding, you don't really wanna ride a cruiser on your restrictions, then once off jump on a sports bike that will leave marks in your pants
  3. ooooo... i better start saving in that case :S

    thanks for the advice!
  4. thats what we are here for, just thought i would point it out, as other that have changed from cruiser to a sports orientated bike havent had the easiest of transitions

    sure ride the cruiser as a entry into riding but at the same time, save for a bike of your own to learn on, so that you get a feel for the riding position on a sports styled bike, before you jump on something that has a massive increase of power

    oh and good luck with your L's and welcome to the obsession of motorcycling
  5. hi laura and welcome

    hey hey whats wrong with a cruiser :shock: :grin: :grin:
  6. welcome laura
  7. Hi and welcome Laura.

  8. never said anything was wrong with them, just that she ddoesnt really wanna learn to ride on a cruiser, when she plans on riding a sports
  9. yeah... plus my brothers bike wouldnt start today anyway, it has ongoing problems... and it's run out of rego (we have until next month to pay it)
  10. welcome Laura,
    nothing wrong with learning on a cruiser, but if you plan on a sports bike they are gonna be very different to ride. not exactly an impossible task though.

    just ride as much as you can on as many bikes as you can.

    Have a read of BB's cruiser experience after riding sports bikes.
  11. Thanks for that link! Great help :)
    rMy dad keeps telling me to use my brothers crusier.... and after pointing out what you guys have told me in the thread, he said "oh actually, it probably is a good idea for you to buy a little 250 sporty"
    It's my birthday soon, I might start pushing for some jeans/leathers/helmet/gloves etc!
  12. Cheers and welcome Laura :grin:

    When the time comes to buy riding gear... or even decide on a bike there's soooo much info and heaps of people to talk to around here. The coffee meets are also worth a mention.
  13. Welcome to the forums.. Hope to see you real soon out and about.. :grin:

    And good idea on choosing the right bike. Believe me they are totally different riding styles.. :grin: