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Helloo from Sydney.. again..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HyperHorse, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Hello all...
    Just thought I'd say hello.. again.. Signed up here years ago and only decided again after changing my mind years ago, that as soon as I get a job I have to get a motorbike. So I started trying on gear and doing research again, pretty much have figured out what I'm going to buy.. Hopefully I can get a bike that I'll actually want when i save up $3k or so... If I could save up more it'd definitely be a Honda RVF400, but for now it'll have to be a Kawasaki ZZR 250/Ninja 250 or if i can find one around that price, a Suzuki CB500F or even a Honda CB400.
    So that's my yadda yadda for now...
    Any questions?

  2. Welcome to NR [again], no questions, just.. Good luck! :)
  3. Welcome to Nutrider. Since you're asking for questions, are you hot? :p
  4. Not as hot as your bike, but close.
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  5. Well, I'd rather ride my bike than ride you, but in the interest of maintaining Netrider tradition, someone had to ask the initiation question! ;)
  6. Don't forget to keep the 250 Hornet on your list: it's a grey import so there are not very many of them around but you can get'em.