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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trinny, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to to say hi to everyone and thank you for all the info on this forum that i have been reading since i got a new bike a couple of weeks ago. This forum has been great with all the questions I had and some that I wouldn't actually ask out loud.

    I had a couple of LAM bikes a couple of years ago starting with a CB250 then let my L's lapse, then got a RS125 for my L's and P's sold that about two years ago and now bought a CBR600RR on my full licence. Really taking it easy while im getting used to riding again and learning at the same time, it is going well so far and im getting more comfortable and confidence every time i go out.

    Another thing, went for an awesome ride up to palm beach today which was about 100k's for the round trip. Loving having a bike at the moment...

  2. Welcome to NR Trinny :grin:
  3. Hey trinny welcome to NR. Nice bike! If you liked the palm beach ride, u should try old pacific & putty rd if you havent done so already.
  4. Welcome to Netrider. Great 'starter bike' :LOL:.
  5. thanks guys, yeah i know its not the best choice for a starter bike but i think im am pretty sensible and be able to grow into it. im planning to keep it for a while.

    I have heard about Putty road here and there and it sounds great, havent been and definitely keen on doing the ride. hopefully the weather is nice for a couple of day rides next week while im off work...
  6. I'm jealous :( still gotta wait another year before I can buy my CBR600RR and ride it. Welcome though, I love riding to Palm beach nice curves.
  7. I feel your pain, i had the RS125 while on my L's and half of my P's and for my weight plus the 2 stroke engine of the bike it was a bit of an effort to keep it in the rideable rev range.

    The ride to palm beach was great but the ride to Coalcliff/Stanwell Tops along through the Royal National Park today was even better! Also got to meet a friendly NR member too.
  8. Welcome to the Forums