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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by airmunch, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been lurking (reading) on the forum for a week now and decided this is THE rider forum to join - I have learnt so much. There really is some great advice here - its fantastic.... and I know there is SO much more to learn!

    So right now, I havent had a ride on a real bike. Closest I got was a 49cc mini chopper about 2 years ago :grin:

    I am about to book in my Learners course. I plan on hopefully getting my L's, picking up a near new or brand new suitable learner bike and practice practice practice.

    I dont plan on commuting right now - just recreational riding. Time by myself and with other riders.

    I am very excited about the whole thing - especially going shopping for the bike and gear.

    Right now my bike shortlist is:

    - Honda CBR125
    - Suzuki GS500F
    - Hyo GT250

    My budget is between 4 and 6k for a bike. I would prefer a new or near new bike with warranty - so am a little restricted in choice. I hope to make a decision soon after looking at both (and more) in the flesh this weekend.

    SO yea - thats me - hope to meet some of you once I get the bike at the rouse hill coffee night.

  2. Welcome to Netrider.

    General body of opinion round here is that you're better off getting a second-hand bike so when you have the inevitable fall in the driveway trying to impress your girl-friend, you won't break a leg trying to hold it up because it's new and you don't want to scratch it :LOL:.
  3. Welcome. No point in buying a gt250r FOR the warranty - because of the build quality you NEED the warranty. Cross it off your list mate, its just not worth the high % chance of hassle imo.

    If you plan on on not doing any country kms, dont intend to ever go on the freeway, and all your trips are low speed (60-70km) areas, cbr125 is a good cheap bike.

    But if you're wanting a more capable bike, I'd go the GS out of that list.
  4. Hey hornet600 & phizog,

    Thanks for the welcome :grin: !

    I have had a real hard time trying to decide what would be best for the first bike - I can see its not just me though - its probably one of the most popular threads from what I can see! Which bike!

    The Hyo's definately get some stick on the forums. I am trying to be open minded - I know some people have had some good experiences. But yes I am aware of the build / pre-delivery quality concerns. I guess I was hoping I would be lucky and not get a lemon. Like you say though - might not be worth risking.

    Its true, I wont be doing 100's of Km's. Certainly not the first year of riding anyways. Lots of practice and fairly local riding.

    THe CBR125 is definitely a good package budget wise for me - but I have read the forums and can see what people dislike too (the skinny body / wheels and lack of grunt). I have not seen one in the flesh yet. Maybe it will suit me.. I am only 178cm and 70kg - so not a large lad.

    You see, I think not having been on a bike before, the 125 might still be enough but pucker fact for me - but for how long?

    I know its quite likely I might drop it. And I know I will be annoyed if I do. But I would definitely prefer some warranty no matter what I buy.

    I do like the GS - and if the CBR was not an option, it would be my choice I think. I know the new Ninja is out and about. They look great - but seem pricey to me.

  5. gday munch,

    gs! dunno if you'll get a near new one for 6k??

  6. 250 rr =]
  7. +1
  8. Hmm I think your right clair. I have been looking around and seen a few 2004's for 6k. It might be the CBR125 then ...... need to see one first - might not like it :roll:
  9. hi and welcome to NR
    i my self was looking at the 125 and actually sat on one
    they to me was comfy and a nice small bike but after talking to the instructor i am not so sure what to do atm

    the instructor suggested a cruiser but i dont like the look of em so seeing im not in any hurry i will just keep looking till one jumps at me lol

    with the 125 im only 5ft4 and found it would still have to be either lowered or something cut out of the seat.but i have been told some bikes u can actually adjust the suspension which is something u can look out for while your out looking
    anyway good luck with what ever you purchase and enjoy!
  10. you'll get one for 6.5k, but then yve got to buy yr helmet and gear too.
  11. I hear ya VCM :grin:

    Hey Bubbly - thanks for the welcome. Height wise I think I will be OK. My concerns with the CBR125 are mostly with the power (or potential lack of) and if it looks too skinny (with me on it)!

    From your post I take it you still have not decided what to do. What have you looked at (in the flesh) so far? What did you make of the CBR125 overall? Is it as thin as some have claimed?

    I am also looking for a sports 'look' rather than a cruiser. I do actually like the cruisers and plan on my second bike (as in keeping a sports bike too) being a cruiser.

    For me, a new CBR125 suits very well - budget, warranty, looks good, learner suitable as its light etc. I am hoping I see one, sit on it and find its just right for me - it will make the decision much easier :LOL:

    I think you should listen to what others have to say, but ultimately you have to like the bike and smile when you see it and most importantly, ride it - not your instructor.

    Each to their own as they say.

    Good luck to you too on your pick. I have my learner course booked for the first week in April. If all goes well, I hope to buy a bike soon after.
  12. Yea ok. I was hoping to spend no more than around 7k all up with gear - so am happy to reduce bike cost to ensure I get good gear (1.5-2k) - which leaves around 5ish for the bike itself (I could stretch to 6 + gear if the bike was everything I wanted).

    The thing is - I like the black/grey 2007 GS500F - it doesnt seem that the same colour scheme was around in previous years?

    Clair was this your first bike? How have you found it? Did you ever ride the CBR125? I am assuming that the power difference between these two would be quite a lot.
  13. i have looked at the honda cbr 125 r price is 3,999 then 500 on road.
    also a yamaha scorpio which is naked. price is 4,999 if i recall then u got the on road stuff which adds another 600 on this bike
    other one was a cruiser which i just looked and went nope lol
    i am still yet to look at the kawasaki and suzuki

    i have seen a second hand Honda VT 250 F which in picture looks nice just havent found one to actually sit on yet
  14. yep, 1st bike. only had it for a coupla weeks, its great. havent got much to compare it to tho. ive had a couple of rides on a mates zzr250 and he said its got a fair bit more power than his. and the 125s of the pre-learners course were daelims (a korean bike). didnt go much on them and found the low speed stuf harder on the 125s than my gs. dont know why. ??

    i know bugger all about bikes tho. you should go to yr local coffee meet and have a chat. you dont have to have a bike to go to one.
  15. Hey Munch & welcome to our mad world.

    Best advice is go sit ya butt on everything you can, even those bikes that at first you think "nah not interested" you could be surprised.
    What you end up buying may not be what you were looking for in the first place.

    I'm sure with Clair & Bubbly's assistance you'll be fine.

    Keep an open mind.

    BTW - look forward to seeing you at the Fiddler coffee meet. You can rock up anytime bike or not. Some of us cage at times so don't feel you have to have a bike right now to join in, come anyway - everyone welcome.

  16. +1

    I never particularly liked cbr600f until I sat on and had the 'this just feels right' moment. I did get an sv, but could have gone either way :)
  17. Hey clair & Kim,

    Thanks for your replies and comments - much appreciated (and you phizog) :grin:

    I popped to a kawasaki dealer today for a look around. One of the bikes i didnt mention that I liked was the new 250R ninja.

    I am considering one at the moment - its a bit more than I was planning to spend but for around 8K on the road, I think it would be one of my better options. We shall see. Cant stick my ass on one yet though - no-one has any!!

    I am going looking around this saturday so will sit on as many as I can :cool:

    I will certainly try to get down to Rouse hill for a coffee meet - with or without a bike.
  18. ive decided on a gs500..naked...but it just seems like one of the more reliable solid bikes without being huge
  19. hehehe... i was only gonna spend 2k on a POS. ended up spending more than 3 x's that. and so the addiction begins :) you'll love whatever you get.
  20. LOL - its terrible isnt it! How easy is it to talk yourself round and justify 3 x your original budget!!

    Bugger it - you only live once right :LOL: