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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by retzy84, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Hi All,
    Just a quick yell out to say hello and to introduce myself.
    My names Brett and i'm 23 from melbourne.
    Always wanted to ride bikes but I never took the plunge until now.
    Very scared and excited at the same time.
    Love the forum you guys have got here has helped out a newbie alot thanks to you all:)

  2. Welcome, Brett. Be prepared to be swarmed on by anxious women, envied by jealous guys and tut-tutted at by your mum and dad, and every relative over 30 :LOL:. Who cares?

    Along the way, be a good lad and read the Terms and Conditions of the forum, please:).

  3. :shock:
    Where did I go wrong????

    Oh.. and welcome aboard Brett !
  4. welcome and enjoy

    hornets spot on with the 30yr olds + all ur mates who aren't crazy

    use search it save alot of time (and aggravation) sometimes google au searches with netrider included are better than the inbuilt search engine

    see you out there :wink:
  5. Welcome to Netrider. Enjoy :grin:
  6. hewwo Bret and welcome
  7. Least you didn't wait until 28 to get your licence. :oops:

    Welcome to NR :cool:
  8. Yeah what's goin on, i'm still waiting on that one... :?

    Welcome to NR Brett! :grin:
  9. G'day Brett, welcome to the forum and to the world of 2 wheels! :grin:
  10. aVof_Ui.

    Enjoy your stay.. :grin:
  11. Nothing wrong with getting your learners at 28... just means that I'm a wee bit scared of getting out of second gear after eight hours on a bike ever :) If you see a learner around Carlton who looks a little pathetic -> it's probably me, please wave.
  12. your over 30 :LOL:

    I am pretty pleased about not being swamped by anxious women personally though :shock:

    Welcome aboard Brett enjoy your time with NR

  13. hey and welcome :grin:

    good to be scared a little, that way you're not over confident and will think twice about doing something silly.. hopefully :grin: