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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Anton, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hello from darwin!

    This is not my first post but I thought i'd introduce myself :)

    My name is Anthony and I live in darwin. I currently ride a scooter but I am currently trying to get a honda cb250. And don't worry, when I ride my scooter I wear a jacket, helmet, gloves and I drive defensively and sensibly.

    I joined this forum because I have a big interest in 2 wheeled vehicles aka scooters AND motorbikes. :) I love them both.

    I am a musician by trade and am just finishing with a band called "The fairweather dolls" as I am moving to perth soon.

    Sorry for the late introduction... I've just been so enthusiastic about starting to post and discuss things that I forgot to introduce myself! :D
  2. Welcome to the forum Anthony :grin:
  3. Greetings.

    Another muso on two wheels! :cool:
  4. gday,

    im a newbie and a muso too. (chris gillespie & the wandering hands)
    how do you go carrying yr guitar around on yr scooter?
  5. I am the drummer for the fairweather dolls (but I've played guitar , piano and drums for roughly 6 years. )

    imagine me carrying my drums around on a scooter!! I can get the snaredrum on it but thats about it. I tried carrying my guitar on a scooter once... It doesn't work out too well. Aparently guitars are like wind sails when on a scooter. I never did that again.

    When I need to move my gear around I usualy get a lift with the other members :) Our "manager" has a nice car that fits all our stuff :D I just googled your band and now I'm listening to it on myspace! (Which member are you? ) I would send you to our myspace.. but our guitarist logged on and deletd all our songs for some reason... I've been meaning to abuse him for that.

    Glad to see some musos here! :D

    thanks for all the greetings :) (starlet, robsalvv, lil_clair :) )