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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kaboom, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. first time poster, long time reader! :grin:

    from sydney just got my L's yay! :cool:

    got the gear & on the market for a bike, :grin:

    looking forward to cruzing with you guy's & girls soon!!!


    (and no im not on school holiday's) even tho i wish i was! :wink:
  2. Hey Kaboom. welcome to Netrider.

    One little thing; if you post up in ALL CAPS your posts are very likely to go KABOOM, if you know what I mean?? :wink:.....
  3. Welcome mate.

    See you around. Whereabouts in sydney are you?
  4. Welcome kaboom

    Hopefully see you on the road soon
  5. welcome to Nr, keep your eyes peeled on the NSW rides and events section of the forums, teh guys (and girls) often have something in the planning
  6. True & even though you don't have a bike yet don't let that stop you fromgoing to one of the coffee meets around town. You'll meet heaps of nice poeple all willing to give you advice.

    Good luck with the hunting & hope to see you soon.
  7. howdy and welcome :grin:
  8. :grin: thanks for the warm welcome guys

    cant wait to get on the road and hit thoses twisties!!! :LOL:

    im pretty much set on purchasing a bike from Sumoto has anyone on here purchased a bike from these guys???

    tossing up between a cbr250rr or rvf400.

    or wait till the new KAWASAKI NINJA 250R??? come out late jan early feb.

  9. Cbr and rvf400 are inline 4 cyl high revving race bikes.

    The new kawasaki you are referring to is not a 'ninja'. Its a 2cyl road bike, very different in terms of power delivery and riding position - its definitely not a race bike stock. Still a good bike, but just letting you know they're in a very different class to the other two. If you can afford the massive amount that sumoto asks for a 20 year old rvf, and don't mind forking out a bit when it needs it, def go for it as they're pretty mad.
  10. They had RVFs in 1987? :roll:
  11. Yes. I had one :)

    I just meant older, in the same what that cbr, zxr, fzr, etc. are - or are they newer? My bad if they are.

    As I said, if you can afford one, go for it. One of the best (if not THE best) sport learner legal sport bikes, and the power should keep you happy for longer than Ls and Ps - Yak's one CANES.
  12. #12 TheYak, Dec 20, 2007
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    Fixed it :grin: Yeah they're just about enough bike for the road, but so are the 250 I4s.


    That's not super tight, and the 'bird rider ain't slow. Don't pay $6K for one of the 250s unless you're in a real hurry though, you should be able to find a decent one just over $4K.

    Shame we haven't caught up recently phiz, wanted to tell you about an SV650 I rode with on Bucketts and the Oxley. It's good news, think you'll love the bike when you really start riding it.
  13. im on the road!


    hey guys pick my bike up tomorrow!

    but this damn rain! why god why???
  14. Hi welcome aboard mate.

    What did you go for in the end?
  15. hey! :grin:

    pick up a brand new Hyosung GT250R & a wrecked cbr250rr that i got off a mate of mine, just a lil project to get it back on the road.

    havent stopped riding since i got the bike my arms are killing me! i was up till 1am just cruising around blacktown/bellavista/castlehill/dural just me my bike.

    holding up traffice!!! :p
  16. :grin: hey gixxa freddy!
  17. YAY GOT MY P'S

    :grin: 12month to go!!! till my full's :shock:
  18. hi and welcome
  19. :shock:

    WTF did I buy from Yak then?????????? :shock: :shock:

    *runs outside to check bike over*