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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jandrew, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I am new to the site, i am in Sydney aswell (Northern Beaches) and got my bike today :D I have had my Ls for a couple of months now so its about time!

    I was going to post some pictures but i cannot for some reason, it is a Honda NSR150 sp, its a 2002 model with only 1600km on it :D

    I am happy with it so far, although due to the threatening rain i did not ride it to work tonight :(

    Looking forward to learning lots about riding and maintaining bikes

  2. Welcome to NR! :beer:

    You've gotta have a certain number of posts before you attach images.
  3. welcome to NR :grin:
  4. Welcome.
    You have a 2smoke, you can be assured you will need to learn lots about maintaining bikes.
  5. Welcome :) Very little k's on it!! Nice!!!

    Enjoy the forum :D

    Get yourself to some coffee meets
  6. Thanks guys, i will look into the coffee meets, sounds like a great idea!

    I am looking forward to getting out on the old road soonish, one of my mates has a CBR250RR and wants to go out there soon, it should be fun...

    I will post pics when i have enough post counts :D

  7. Welcome James Andrew.

    Fill out some more of your Profile, so we know who we are talking to. :wink:
  8. Man you freaked me out with my name, then i realised you were just putting two and two together to get it ;)

    Updated my profile for those who care!
  9. Nah, I'm looking over your shoulder right now. :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    Pretty bike. I hope you have some leathers to match it. Now you need to investigate the Garage feature on Netrider. :idea:
  10. Welcome to NR James ! :biker:
  11. I have a question for anyone else with the same bike, are the little black and gold stickers in a middle eastern language on your bike?
    Mine are, i have put it down to the bike must have been imported or something like that, as most information stickers are in some middle eastern language...
  12. A Northern Beaches dude ayy... same here. We will have to meet up for a ride soon. I get my L's on Monday and have bought a Kawasaki ZZR250

    I always liked the look of the NSR, very sporty....
  13. Welcome to NR James

    Ride safe
  14. Sweet mate, well send me a PM when you get them and maybe we can catch up next week :D
  15. Jandrew, welcome to the forum.
    Nice ride.
  16. Welcome to NR.. :grin: