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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by South FrenchGirl, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hy everybody!

    I introduce me : I'm a french girl, I live in the West South of France, a little city called Tarbes.
    I'm 26 year old, and I have a hornet S 600.
    I'm here because I want maintain my level in english... errr... first I have to raise it... because I haven't spoken in english for 2 years, and I'm a "dung" (in france we say that when we are bad for something).

    I chose this forum because I have a motorbike too.

    So, please, can you correct me when my english is not good?!

    Thank you for advance!

    And you can ask me about me if you want know more.
  2. Hi Frenchgirl welcome to Netrider. There is a few people around here still learning the English language so you should fit right in :LOL:
  3. Too right pete

    but welcome Frenchgirl I hope the forums help you with your english and give some bike and riding tips along the way.
  4. Hi new lady from France. We won't invite you to our coffee meet then.... Unless you want to get on a plane now. :LOL:
  5. Hum... thank you for your welcome... I will not invite you too to a coffee meet, unless you want to get on a plane too, but you are more numerous than me, and I'm not sure that all your bikes will enter in the compartment of the plane.

    But, I think you will love to join me in my West South moutains when you will look some photographs of my littles motorbike's trips... So I can explain you were is the nearest hotel :p

  6. welcome to NetRider

    there items that are in bold and enlargened are where i have helped (corrected) your sentences :wink:

    now if someone could just do the same for me :LOL:[/b]
  7. Bonjour et bievennue,

    I wish my 5 years of French class had taught me a little more than that.
  8. bold : which is the meaning of this word?
    I think it mean "thick" but I'm not sure

    but thank you to your correction, I will try to remenber!

    Sometimes I use the web to translate some of your sentences and words, but I want try to understand by myself first... If not, I will progress.
  9. You can try to speak in french with me, and I will correct you when you'll be wrong!

    You'll be one of all the forumers that I'll understand the more (most?). :LOL:
  10. Welcome French Lady. Please tell us your first name :).

    And you ride a Hornet :woot: !!

    And qbnsfrk, enlargened is not an English word, and the personal pronoun I is ALWAYS written in the UPPER CASE :LOL:.
  11. That's right, the correct term is embiggened :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider FrenchGirl. I'm sure you'll probably pick up more bad habits than good when it comes to the correct use of the English language around here. But feel free to make us all jealous with tales and pictures of the fantastic roads for riding where you live.
  12. hum... I had understood the word "enlargened" (erfff... it mean "biggest" doesn't it?)

    But, thanks of your notice, I would like to know : it's an Australian forum? so, is your "english" it different about the GB "english"? (likes Americans)

    and my first name is Cécile.

    kiss evrybody!
  13. Hi South FrenchGirl, welcome to Netrider :grin:
  14. yeap!
    promised thing, given thing :

    Now I think I'm authorized to post photos of my bike's excursions!!!

















    Now you know what my baby hornet looks like, and please, don't pay attention with the pink task :LOL: it's not my hornet friend :oops:

    But, if your really Australians' bikers... I think your landscapes much more beautiful than mine... :cry: what a chance for you!
  15. Cecile, Aussie English bears a passing resemblance to English English, but it's much more colorful, especially in its slang (to which we will undoubtedly get.)

    {Note I DIDN'T end the sentence with a preposition :LOL:}.

    You'll probably get away with that many photos because you're French, and a lady, but the limit is three per post!

    The landscapes might be more beautiful, but most Australian riders would KILL for those roads!!
  16. Great photos of great scenes.. Thanks for sharing them.
  17. ok, so, please everybody, can you avoid slang using?! (in a first time, to allow me to understand, and when I will ok whit basic english, so you will speak like you want!!!)

    I'm sorry!!!! but, how do you do when you want to report your excursion on this forum?!

    why? you don't have any turns in Australia? (likes in Holland?)
  18. We have goat tracks for raod here in New South Wales.

    Slang is how we all talk downunder here.
  19. Great photos, beautiful roads.

    Perhaps if you come down to Australia we can ride each other sometime?
  20. I had understood, but please!!!!!! try to have an english which seems... english!! (??)

    goat tracks for road... but... Can you only have motocross for bike?

    I don't understand... and the web translator answer me something which is not very french.... :) Can you try to say the same sentence with other words?! (please?!!)