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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MadPillion, May 12, 2007.

  1. I'm MadPillion from Broken Hill.. my partners just got another motorbike - a Honda CBR1000 87 model..

  2. That sounds like fun. I guess there aren't too many twisties out in the wild west, but it will be great for trips.

    Welcome to Netrider too :).
  3. Hornet,
    There is a nice little 20km run thru some hills on the way to Menindee. Even has a blind corner over thetop ofa rise which _is_ interesting.

    Welcome to NR.
  4. Welcome Madpillion enjoy !! hey im a Broken hill boy :grin: or at least i was born there and still have family there
  5. CBR1000 good bikes.... (except for a string of camchain tensioner issues).

    One of the few good bikes around to be pillion on these days.... enjoy the ride.

  6. Ahh the Mad Mile. That corner your referring to is very interesting.

    The run past silverton to umberumberka has some nice sweapers.

    My old man lives in Broken Hill. Gotta get up there and show him my new steed soon.
  7. :grin:

    Looks like Broken Hill is a popular place..

    Glad to be here..
  8. Any desire to sit at the right end of the bike? :grin:
  9. hehe.. NO!! Not that one.. the passenger seat is quite comfy.. :? I have a battery powered scooter when I don't drive the car..
  10. hello how do I make my wife a mad pillion? It's about the only way I can justify getting a new bigger bike! :LOL:

  11. Hello and welcome!

    How's the pub in Silverton, still standing?
  12. Hmmm.... I took a little convincing but when I started getting a thrill out of it :shock: :grin: we started getting bigger bikes.. up to 1000cc now..

    Hehe.. the pub is still there and popular as ever.. :grin:
  13. How bout the pig n whistle ??? got pizzzzed orf my head there once lmao
  14. I think the pig 'n whistle is a "pub with no beer" now.. not sure.. still plenty of good pubs though lmao..