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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by speedqueen, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, I've only been riding a couple of years. I've graduated from scooters to an xv250 virago. Looking forward to picking up some tips and enjoy the convos that go on on this forum. :grin:

  2. Good evening speedqueen :).

    Be nice to us and put your location in your profile, so we know at least where you're from??

    There's no shortage of conversation here on Netrider :roll: :oops:!
  3. hi speedqueen,
    may i be the first to welcome you to the omni-personality-ever-informative-fun-not-to-mention-addictive forum that is Netrider. (that is of course unless someone else beats me to it, whilst i eat chinese and drink a bush chook) :shock: :grin:

    where are you located, and what do you do?
    c'mon, give us a proper intro :p

    in any case, welcome...and i look forward to your future contributions.
    joel :cool:

    edit- damn you paul :p gotta get up early to beat you :)
  4. hi and welcome - another virago rider - cool
  5. Welcome! Welcome!

    That is quite a good upgrade from :moped: to :biker:

    Enjoy and safe riding!

    Hope to see more of you around the forum.

    I dont sujest butting heads with the Mods or Admins...They wear helmets.
    Ive tried. It hurts :p
  6. Ha! Hiya and welcome :grin:
  7. Bow down, She is your Queen. :grin:
  8. :butt: is this bowing down?.....Nah, jokes, I wouldnt eva do a thing like that :grin:
  9. Ahoy hoy Speedqueen enjoy the darkside
  10. [​IMG]

    he he...so true!...Especialy in SA
  11. Welcome to NR Speed Queen. :)

  12. Yiasoo.

    Red, great Avatar ;)
  13. Welcome to Netrider speedqueen :grin:
  14. Efhuristo para poli :)

  15. Hi Speed Queen

    I too have a vx 250 Virago but it is yet to be ridden as I am still learning the basics on a Suzki GN 250. DH says almost ready to get on Virago!!!!

    Happy riding

  16. [quote='92_Ducati_900_SS]

    he he...so true!...Especialy in SA[/quote]

    Right! I am definitely at the next Rundle Street meet then!!

    Welcome Speedqueen! You're always welcome to join us if you fancy a road trip.
  17. Rahrox, Great bike to learn on the old GN250! Good luck with it!
  18. Red.Hot....STUDY! :p
  19. HA!!.... an hour and five powerpoint slides later....

    ok, I'm going again.... 8-[