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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by StuartL, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I have just joined up here, I am 29 and happily married with 5 children. My oldest daughter is really getting in to motorbike riding so I have revisited my teenage years and got myself a XR250 and I am getting me licence in a couple of weeks.
    I live in Central Vic and have been into 4wding for the past 5 years but it is starting to cost too much when things break :roll:

  2. 5 kids? You've been busy! Welcome to NR and enjoy riding :)
  3. Hey mate, welcome. hope we can be of some help and amusment.............

    Ok just amusment then.
  4. Hmmm, seems like we could compare notes - I have 5 children also (is it cold or just poor television reception out where you live too?), done some 4WD'ing and bush camping (who can afford any other type of holiday with 5 kids?), and I guess I am also revisiting my teenage years.

    One of the most useful things I did after being off a bike for 20 years + was to attend the advanced rider training course run by HART out at St. Ives 2 years back- A great investment, and an awakening as to how much I had forgotten (or perhaps it was that I never knew in the first place!)

    Good luck & take care,

  5. welcome.....
  6. 5 kids :shock: I know why you want a bike, so you can get away from them :LOL: . Welcome to the forum.
  7. Tell me about it.. :roll: :LOL:
  8. Landcruisers

  9. 2WDing's just so much cheaper :grin: welcome to the forums mate!
  10. Thanks for your reply's and good words.
    I should be amused over here even though there are a few fellow 4wders :roll:
  11. another 4wding family here with the tambo camper trailer
    but with 2 kids hehe we bought the tv earlier

    we have only got into the bike riding the last 18 months and with only 2 kids its easy to just pop them on the back and head off

    Welcome to NR