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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CharmedSon2, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Hi...im the 2nd child of Mr Charmed and Charmed...im a learner, i ride an old Honda VTZ 250, its too small cause im 6'2"...
    another member of the CHARMED coven has invaded Netrider :LOL:
    CharmedSon2 is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. .. well that's flippin' charming... :LOL:

    Welcome, of course :).
  3. G'day Charmed one.. Welcome and enjoy.. :grin:
  4. All I can say is ...
    You better behave or I will take your key off you & dad will pull out the spark plugs & hide them again. :grin:
  5. :LOL: mum's watchin!

    Welcome bud and enjoy.
  6. :LOL: welcome, have fun.....if you can :grin:
  7. That is so uncool !!
    Thats as bad as the episode when Marge becomes Barts teacher for the day and when Kevin Arnold gets kissed-goodbye by Mrs Arnold after getting dropped off at school !!! And when Daniel Caruso's mum picks him up at the putt-putt golf with that chic from Leaving Las Vegas. And in that movie Almost Famous, when that young dude goes to that concert and his mum tells him to be good !!! :LOL:

    You have just ruined his life !!!

    Now everyone like Scrambles, Ktulu, Hornet, MG and others will have a field day.
    Like who is he going to run to ?

    . . .. MUM?

    . . . . and what if BM puts him on the spot !!

  8. LOL ahhh you guys can a field day all you like. As for ruining his life, I think not. He is certainly big enough to fight his own battles.

    More then probably not he will put you in your place. :LOL:

    Now you guys have been warned
    Note: You guys forgetting that Son1 is in here somewhere also.
  9. No thanks, I'm too scared of his mother. :oops: :( She might hurt me if I tease him. :LOL:
  10. So the whole bloody charmed clan is here. :LOL:

    How many more to join up? :p
  11. 4 paid up members. There is only 1 more, son3, but he has a few yrs yet b4 he can go for his L's
  12. :woot:

    Netrider record I'd say?
    thanks everyone...and she was right tho i might put u in ur place (keyword: might)
  14. Welcome aboard No2 good to see you here :grin: and dont worry bout ya mum, we will sort her out :wink: :LOL:
  15. That's the spirit!!
  16. Welcome son no. 2 :grin:
  17. Top stuff, welcome aboard mate ... my best riding days are normally when my son and I get out on the bikes, and our annual long weekend away plus SBK and the GP .. wouldn't miss em for quids ...
  18. What's the collective noun for a bunch of charmed ones???? :LOL:

    Welcome aboard the board. :)
  19. I know my definition . . .