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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mrs RidesCbr, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    im new to this but wanted to say hello my name is roxanne
    ive been riding bikes since i was young and lived on the farm but ive never really ridden road bikes my first time on a road bike was in canberra i road from holt to evatt which was a little scary having never ridden on the road before i think my husband was in state of shock because it was his bike.
    i love nothing more than being on the back of a bike with my husband or my father inlaw
    about three weeks ago my wonderful husband brought me a cb250 which he is fixing for me im looking forward to it being up and running and ready for rego so i can get on the road

  2. Ah there'll be joy on the roads 'round Mogo soon!
  3. welcom to netr....
    what the...


    glad to see you made it oh-hot-one :wink: :grin: :shock:
  4. Welcome to the forum :) Glad to see you've hit the road.
  5. Roxanne, I saw your first post, you know the one! You're going to fit right in. Welcome aboard. Scheff (joel will explain)
  6. Good on you for getting a bike and welcome to the forum. Good luck getting your husband off the puter though. :LOL:
  7. woo-hoo!

    Hey, I SO have to visit now, you realise this? :grin:
  8. welcome Rox!!

    All the best with riding on the road!

    And nice choice of bike - i've got a Kawa but at heart im hanging for a CBR!! :grin:
  9. it is running, how else was i doing those whopper mono's in the driveway today? :LOL:
    just a little bit of fine-tuning to go (and good old test riding by me :p )
  10. Welcome to the forums roxanne :)
  11. After the rebuilt of the CB250 go for the CBR1000 instead. :)