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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by drewballs, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Hello to everyone, yes I’m finally on the NETRIDER forum page…!! Well for those who don’t know me I had better give some details…

    The name is Andrew but it only takes 2 mins before you realize everyone calls me Drew. They both work!! So anyways, I’ve been out on the Melbourne NETRIDER social scene for about 3-4 weeks and have met so many cool people I just had to keep coming back for more. More fun, more laughs and more rides… (And coffee)

    I’m currently ridding a new ZX-14 and let’s just say… I’M IN LOVE. It’s still a wee bit to quiet but that changes very, very soon!! I enjoy my bikes and this is my 8th road bike in 12 years and it’s the only one I have sat on and never wanted to get off. (I like having new toys) Can’t wait for my first interstate ride on this big boy and no doubt will be looking up NETRIDER coffee nights in other towns.

    Will no doubt be seeing a lot of new faces as the weather gets better and I look forward to meeting you all, having coffees, going on some good rides and swapping (good and bad) bike stories. So I will leave you with a BE COOL, BE SAFE and HAVE FUN.

    See ya,
  2. Welcome Andrew, from the other side of the state line. Just wondering how does such a big bike handle through the corners? Does it stand up easy?
  3. Welcome Andrew. Nice bike mate.
  4. Welcome, and love the nick, I guess it's unlikely you'll outgrow it :LOL:
  5. Nice ride, welcome to the forum Drew. :)
  6. Hi Andrew, cool name!
    Must be something about the name Andrew and owning big Kawasakis!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Hey Drew, welcome to the forums, love your bike. :]
  8. Hi Drew, welcome to the forums. I enjoyed sitting on your 'big bike' at the coffee night last night. Can't wait till I am off my Ls and off restrictions to get a more powerful bike. The XV250 is great to learn on but I am finding it a bit under powered and a bit on the small side.

    Your bike felt great to sit on and as you said not very heavy. Should go like the clappers.

    Hope to see you again.

  9. Good to see you finally signing up to the forums Drew. Probably catch you at another event sometime soon, can't wait to hear what the ZX-14 sounds like then (it did seem too quiet for such a big bike).
  10. welcome mate :) I know the feeling of not wanting to get off, i bought a 1985 gsxr750 yesterday and i love it, just want to keep riding it :)
  11. I still say jack russel would be better :)

    welcome and omgyourbikeissocomfyiaminlove
  12. wtf...

    love the nick Drew... "littleboyonbigbike" has gotta b one of the best names on here :grin:

    suits u perfectly mate :cool:
  13. ditto.... :dance: :dance:
  14. Welcome to the forums Drew. Not sure if I have met you at Friday coffee or not but welcome anyway :p
  15. welcome from an Andrew on a not so big bike.
    Mayhap I should change my nickname to tallandlankyboyonweebike!!
  16. Welcome Andrew. No point in warning you about the people here as you already no some of them. :p
  17. Welcome to the forums Andrew.
  18. Welcome...