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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by speed3, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hi Everybody. My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil and have been riding motorbikes for 27 years now. I'm a Triumph enthusiast and particularly a Speed Triple maniac. Anything from here... let me know. :grin:

  2. G'day and welcome aboard speed3 ;)
  3. welcome mate :D
    you'll love it here ;)

    nice bike too, those speed triples look mean :D
    is your black?
  4. hey Raffey !
    How about that French team !
    Only kidding. . . .welcome !
  5. YAY another Trumpy Owner!!! welcome to the forums mate!

    Fill out your profile and start posting... If you having "personality" issues with your trumpy there are a couple of us on the forum so give us a message or post the prob and we will help as best we can...
  6. Our first Brazilian poster, unless I'm very much mistaken.

    Welcome Rafael; you must have started riding early to be 33 and have been riding for 27 years!!!
  7. Tks Hornet! Yep... when I was six... But my first 125 I was nine... Motorcycles and girls (second place) are the only things on my mind... :grin:
  8. Hi Rafael;
    this is (mostly :LOL: ) a pretty friendly forum.
    What is the riding like over there?

    Disappointed about Brazil too :cry: - I drew them in our work sweep.

  9. I like him already.

    Where abouts in Brazil are you from Speed3? My girlfriend spent a year in Brazil on exchange...she's still trying to get over her churro and barbecue addiction :LOL:.

    Nice work on the Speed Triple. I'm particularly interested in the Daytona 675, but if they were to come out with a naked 675 triple...well :grin:.
  10. Hi Tony,

    Riding here is pretty much an adventure.... We have to keep full attention on the road (holes all over) and on the drivers (mother fcukers all over). We have good speed ways though.

    This world cup thing.... well.... We are now French's costumers... got me?
  11. Hi Haggismaen!

    I´m from Rio. And you are right about those things... Barbecue, Churros and triple naked "agressions" (like that?) rules!
  12. With the football fans here at work it's now ABI (anybody but Italy :LOL: )