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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lady-in-red, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone.

    Been lurking for a while , so thought it was time to join . Only been riding for 4 months and i love it . I have a red across that i love .Talk to you all soon .


  2. Hello lady-in-red , welcome :D .
  3. Ventilation grates

    I'm only saying this because someone else is going to, but, lady-in-red, do you avoid ventilation grates????
    (no, I'm not going to explain it........"
  4. Hi there, and welcome!
  5. Hey Tracey, welcome :)
  6. AH A lady with taste in bike I see :wink:

    Enjoy the weirdness that is netrider. No doubt Mr Roberts will be along shortly to invite you to coffee :LOL:

  7. Welcome Tracy!

    Once groberts does invite you to coffee or you get tired of trying to find an interpretor once for his post and end up just looking in the events section, please feel free to put up a post to see if we can't organise an escort into the city if you don't feel comfortable coming in by yourself.
  8. Lady in red, eh?
    Now THAT conjures up some very pleasant images, welcome to the nuthouse anyway.
  9. what no link? You're slipping

    < click me >
  10. Thank you everyone for making me welcome . :D
  11. Hi Tracy...nice to see another female rider in here, hope to catch up for a ride soon
  12. Hello and welcome.....
  13. Hi Tracey,

    Welcome and great to see more females.... :D
  14. Hi Tracey, great to see another female on a red Across :D:D:D:D
    Welcome to the forums and hope to meet you at a coffee night soon.
  15. Actually I just noticed you are also 34 and from East Melb. You don't have red hair do you?? I might have a clone :LOL:
  16. Welcome Tracey!!

    :D :D
  17. Hi Tracey
    Nice learner mount the Suzi Across--
    you'll love it more as you progress,
    so take your time and do it sensibly :D
  18. Thankyou for your welcomes . Not red hair flipper , but 34 yes . We haven't hit our prime yet flipper It's good to see so many girls on here . :D .