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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Noel, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. I don't have a bike yet. I'm going for my prelearner course next week and I'm looking at the DR-650SE Suzuki. Shopping for jackets and pants is an ordeal and I can never find the jackets, I see you guys out on the road wearing, in the shop. All the jackets are black with a little bit of colour. Helmets are more fun to shop for because they are littered with designs and colours although getting the right size that is still the right size the next week is hard work.
    For those beginners like myself or those who need a new helmet and want the correct size this time - I found a link on another forum and it is invaluable - here it is

  2. welcome to the site ,
    its good to see people passing on there tips
    i wont invite you to coffee as it is a bit of a ride , but if you are ever down vic way , drop in for coffee on friday night. :LOL:
    atay safe
  3. Hi Noel,

    Welcome to the forums and good luck on the course! :D :D :D
  4. Welcome Noel and good luck.
  5. Hi Noel

    Welcome to the world of two wheels.

    After I bought my Shoei and took it home and unpacked it, in the box there was a set of instructions on how to work out what sized helmut one needs. A bit useless at this stage I thought. It said to get a measuring tape and wrap it around your head running from just above the eye brows around to the widest part at the back of the head. This will then apparently tell you what size you need.

    When I tried it, my helmut size matched my head size. :)
  6. Hi Noel,

    Welcome and good luck with your course. You will have a ball.

    Hope to see you on the road one day, if I ever go up that far :LOL: :D
  7. Heya!! And welcome!!!

    :D :D :D
  8. Hi Noel , welcome to the forum .
  9. Gday Noel and welcome on board mate 8)
  10. Heya,

    Welcome aboard.. :D :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  11. Welcome Noel and good luck for the test
  12. Does anyone else find the term "helmut" - with that spelling - just a leeeedle bit feeeelthy?
  13. I guess Germanic people ask the same about John and Dick, Loz.

    (Dips his lid) Howdy Noel.
  14. Welcome aboard and good luck! You wont need it tho ^_^
  15. Welcome to the forums Noel and good luck with the testing :)
  16. Welcome aBoard Noel!
  17. Welcome to the forum Noel! Stay upright!
  18. G'day Noel welcome!!

    if you can grab a copy of November's RiDE magazine (pommy mag) they have the results of a survey they conducted on the best gear, helmets, gloves, jackets, leathers the works!!!!

    If you after leathers have a look at Under-dog Leathers and Tiger Angel Leathers. The former is a netrider partner and I believe that Tiger Angel will do a similar deal for bike club members as well.
  19. Hello! Howdydoody Noel and nice to have you on board :D