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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by delta, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Den, 35 male from NW Melbs (Essendon area). Got my L's 3 months ago and my first bike ever shortly thereafter .. it's a '16 Yamaha Vstar 650 (LAMS obviously).

    Love taking it for a spin whenever I can and as I work mostly for myself from home, that's pretty much whenever the weather allows. I've clocked up 2,000 Kms in the last couple of months already ;D

    Going for my 'check ride' later this week then the license test next month.. with any luck I'll be taking that bloody hivis and L plate off in the not too distant future!

    Anyhoo, I have some questions but I guess I'll post those in the relevant sections. Hope to meet some of you on a group ride some day. Cheers D.
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  2. Good luck and welcome to NR
  3. Welcome deltadelta
    Enjoy your cruiser. They're a popular bike.
    Classic or custom ?
    My first bike was the 650 Custom.

    Have you been down to Elwood for a practise ?

    Hope to see you out there.
  4. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  5. Howdy and welcome to NR deltadelta :happy: Hope you get to get ride of the no viz...I mean hi viz soon!
  6. Hi there Den...welcome to Netrider!
  7. Welcome mate
  8. Welcome to the forum mate
  9. Welcome to NR...

    Yeah...awesome bike. I'd the Custom for almost 5 years... :)

    Come around to the Saturday practice sessions one of these days...
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  10. gday deltadelta and welcome to NR - I get to work from home fairly often but you do need to get out for a coffee every now and then!
  11. Welcome!!
  12. Welcome deltadelta,
    Happy days riding :) get
    Yourself to some of the practice days and keep your eye out on the Events page. Lots happening in Melbs !
  13. welcome aboard :)
  14. printf("Welcome mate :cool: \n");
  15. G'day. And don't let the weather stop you. Just buy the best wet weather gear you can afford.
  16. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome ;)

    Stever42 - it's a 650 custom! I thought it was a decent size bike for myself (I am 6'6") until I sat on a full size Victory the other day and then I was like awww I want *this*. Can't wait til I am 'big' enough to ride a non LAMS bike :-/

    I only ride for fun/pleasure so wet weather gear won't be necessary .. ! What does practice in Elwood involve? I was actually just down there ..stopped for an ice cream but the ice cream man wasn't there grr
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  17. Welcome to NR...

    System.out.println("Bloody IT geeks");
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  18. Welcome Den. I'm on my "L" as well, riding a 650 Classic around Adelaide since March.
  19. hahahaha. That's what nearly every new rider says. Then one day they get caught out in an unexpected shower and are totally unprepared, get scared, panic and crash. Then blokes like me point and laugh.

    Take some friendly advice. Buy some wet weather gear and when it's raining go for a short ride on familiar quiet roads and practice. You never know, you might just enjoy it. I do.