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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Susumu, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Im new to the riding scene here in Australia though i used to frequent the modified car scene when i was in my late teens early 20s. I have ridden motorcycles/scooters overseas when visiting relos in Thailand and after my last visit overseas have decided to get my riders licence here in Aus (already booked my pre learners) though im still unsure on what bike to purchase.

  2. Welcome mate, go check out the bike shops, sit on all the different types and see what floats your boat. Ride as many as you can one you have your L's, after all of that you should be able to narrow the field down.
  3. Welcome to the asylum mate :rolleyes: +1 to what chillibutton said, ride as many as possible, remember to let the head rule not the heart with the decision, you're going to be riding her for a couple of years at least so choose the one that feels right for YOU, there are plenty of people on here who can assist and guide you so don't be afraid to ask, after all the only stupid question is the question that is never asked! :)
  4. welcome to Netrider SusumuSusumu ....take your time and enjoy choosing a bike :)
  5. Welcome :cool:
  6. welcome to the forum.

    Enjoy the ride
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  7. Welcome to NR...

    Enjoy the bike shopping and the gear shopping..
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  8. Thanks guys! One thing i didnt mention was that im a pretty large guy (wide not tall 150KG) so that will be a big factor on what i decide to get. I would really like a 250 hornet (love that 4 cyl sound). In Thailand i had no problems sitting at 80kms on a 110cc bike so hopefully a 250 should be enough as i cant really afford a larger bike plus all the gear as id rather have good gear and a cheaper bike than the other way round.
  9. Where are u from and what's your budget ?
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  10. You might be better off with a slightly larger capacity bike considering your weight but if you're keen for a hornet then i guess you should try that first. Anyway, welcome aboard :)
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  11. Welcome!
    If you like the 4 cylinder sound then the CB400 is awesome as a LAMS bike. I might be a bit biased on that one though:p
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  12. Gee I would think the250 would struggle, 400+ would be better. But as above, try em out...
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  13. Welcome!
    Just remember to watch out for ... oh you'll work it out. :rolleyes:
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  14. It's lucky he loves the sound of a small four banger screaming, it'd spend a good portion of its time at 15k+ rpms.

    SusumuSusumu I've got a cb400 which is very similar to the hornet 250 you're looking for, seven inch round headlight, chunky analogue tacho and speedo, retro looking naked bike, exposed headers and radiator, just a bit more capacity and a sweet vtec howl when you get a bit higher in the rev range. Normally the sound of sub-600 bikes is laughable, but this is a bike I like the sound of... I've got a mate who weighs a buck twenty, which is still a little shy of you but it's up there, and geared up he's still quite surprised at the pull of the little cb400. Sit on one and see how you feel. They're a little more expensive but you can't go wrong...
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  15. Howdy SusumuSusumu, you'll find plenty of good solid info on this fourm - just gotta find it :) As they've said - try as many out as you can as possible. Sometimes what you think is the bomb, may not 'feel' like it, and something you discarded may in fact, fell very right when riding. Try all sorts of engine capacity bikes within the LAMS range too.

    Where are you based? In Syd & Vic areas they hold newbie rides and training/skills ride - check out the Events page for something near you July 2016 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    Have fun!
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  16. Thanks for the feedback guys!
    basejumperbasejumper I'm from Sydney and i don't really have a budget its just that the more expensive the bike the longer ill have to save up to buy it.
    Originally i didn't really want to spend more than $2500 on a used bike (as it will be my first) but im willing to spend up to $4500 if i have to.
    I'm not in any particular rush so a few extra months of saving won't hurt as ive got a car. I've been looking at videos and reviews of the cb400 and i have to say it is a very nice looking bike and wouldn't mind getting one though they are a bit pricey.
  17. Consider the resale value of what you are planning to buy. Once you eventually upgrade. The cb400 keeps good value and sells easily.
  18. Thats true, LAMS bikes seem to hold their value much more than cars do.
  19. Some lams bikes...
  20. gday SusumuSusumu and welcome to NR - would also recommend a larger capacity engine as traffic probably moves a bit faster here but with more complete stops/starts in peak hour. a bigger bike may be a bit more comfortable for you also.
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